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Welcome "Summer"!

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I've been so busy to post anything or reply to your excellent comments because FINALLY after so long of waiting a needy person has entered my life and I'm trying to give her 100% of care since I'm well aware Allah is watching me and will keep me accounded for my treatment of her. I heard her crying outside my door one hot evening. We opened the door and saw how pitably thin she is and so young and invited her in for a meal and shut the door behind her. She was here to stay now! No way was I letting her go back to her life of ruins. I pampered her in everyway I know how. Treating her like my own children. After a few days of love I can see her contented full belly and the inner peace reflected in her amber eyes. She acclimated to my kids and a bit to my husband. But she feels the most peace with me. We sit together at night and I softly talk to her and she's a great listener. She puts up with my sons little "hard" pats and my daughter's rag-dolly way of carrying her. She's brought comfort and love to all of us and we love her in return. So welcome to the family "Summer", our beautiful new cat.
*Pictures to come later!*
Finally one goal accomplished!
Help Somebody....
..including a cat body.

4 intelligent thoughts:

Habayeb said...

awwwwwwwww! cuuuute masha'allah!

PS- at 1st i thot its a *person* :P

Umm Ibrahim said...

Awwww poor lil puddy cat! Alhamdu Lillah she has found a nice, loving home now though! Look forward to a photo of her. :)

Aalia said...

Awww... May Allah (s.w.t.) reward you for your kindness towards His creation!

American Muslima Writer said...

hab: heh i was trying to "personify" the experience heheh. glad you fell for it at first :D good to see my writing skills haven't faded too badly hehehe.

Umm ibrahim I willwork on the photos cause masha'Allah she has gorgious eyes!

Aalia: thanks and insha'Allah the cat will be happy.

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