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Al-Ain Arts and Crafts

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Wow, as if i didn't have enough goals to deal with this year my husband threw a whollop at me!
Not a punch heh, he threw an idea at me that I should open my own business. He had already placed an advertisement in the newspaper that i wanted a sponsor for it so I had 24 hours to come with a good idea and make it marketable to the callers. I wa so shocked it took me a while to think of what things i like to do. Finally (up til 4:30am) i thought of the fact I've always been around crafts and arts so a store that sells these goods in Al-Ain would be wonderful! There currently isn't a specialty store for arts and crafts so it will be good no major competition. In AbuDhabi and Dubai are a few stores but for people here nada. Only the basics. SO the past 48 hours I've been telling interested sponsors about my idea and seeing if they'd like to finance it. Wow I never thought I'd be able to open my own business! Its a tiny bit daunting but i think it will work out in the end and do extremely well. Every teacher i met or mother i met has lamented the lack of arts shops in Al-Ain. So here goes on another Goal: Open Arts and Crafts Store.

Oh and update I've been working hard on my book and am up to page 15, every book has a begining!

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Anonymous said...

There is a Kiosk in Al Ain Mall
Souvenir Handicrafts
Main Entrance, Next to Flower Shop

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