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Business Brain in Al-Ain

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My poor head! I was not able to sleep last night thinking about my new business idea! I got up about 3am (having gone to bed at 2am -remember i'm a breastfeeding mother) and went internet exploring about my business. My mom came online and told me to do even more research about starting abusiness and so i did! Now my brain hurts more! But somehow in a good way like when i used to go to school and had to cram for exams. Lots of info in short period of time. I just learned how to make a Business Plan and use it to set up a profitable business and attract investors and how to make profit projections. I realized quickly how ignorant I was previously and how Ignorant I still am...Learning sucks in that way... just kidding please don't throw things at your monitors.
I went though a "start you business" checklist and defined the areas I'm the weakest at (uh mainly the fact I've never run a business and haven't a clue how to...) Halfway through the list I of course thought I should write about a character opening his or her first business in Arabia and it being such a nightmare and everything goes wrong but they meet the person of their dreams and come out successful in one way or another and.... ok back to reality.....(make mental note to jot down my cool book idea later)
Even though I'm way inexperienced I think i have a good shot of making this work because I really believe in what I'm doing and that it will work out in the end. Al-Ain BADLY NEEDS a Arts & Crafts Store and I'm the gal to do it! And being the first to hit the market means I get all the money right?! RIGHT!? R I G H T !!!??? I'm begging you to afirm not shouting...
SO far the only area unconquorable is TAXES. No way after looking at an IRS site will i ever figure out what that all says and incorporate it into my actual life. I will gladly hand over my info to a tax Professional, it's their job, let them figure out my mess.
Hmm my daughter is at school now so theoritically I should go clean my hosue while the baby is sleeping but considering I've been up all night I should do the good thing and go curl up with a soft and warm baby. Ah it's the best moment when he cries and I can just lay next to him to feed him and realize he's gonna sleep for a few more hours and i get to sleep too.
Then the moment wears off when i wake up and look at the clock and realize my husband and daughter will be home NOW (thanks to split-shift working hours in Al-Ain) and I haven't Made Lunch, Picked up the house, or even brushed my hair. TOO bad no excuse to wear hijab in the house heh. Then i Have to scurry around doing everything at once and inveriably the baby wakes and wants full attention!
Hmmm maybe i won't be going to sleep now then.... Well see ya later then no matter the choice!

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