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Back to School!!!

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YAY! Today my daughter has gone to school and I have time to work out a viable schedule! She's excited and we're all excited (even my baby son who doesn't know he's excited) because Mommy having free-time means things get done better. House cleaner, baby more play time, Writer more writing time, More cooking time for happy meal eaters! My favorite part is just having time to look around me and take a deep breath without something rushing to take my time. No Mommy i gotta go potty now before i go on the floor!! *drop what doing and rush girl to potty*
SO now I'm free til about 2 o clock. Of course today being the first day I've slummed it a little. I watched news about the presidential race in California being close and heating up... of course i do have a favored canidate but the reality is they are all not muslim so I'm not voting for them... Islamically it's not allowed to vote for anyone not forming an Islamic state. Though naturally people dont follow this rule often but i and my family do (yani in-laws not USA family). But i have my hopes set on a certain canidate who seems to be reaching out to make a lasting peace with middle east. Not more wars like F-up Bush.

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Carleen Brice said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and all best wishes with your writing! You're right: you have a unique story to tell and I hope you do!

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