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Excitement and Reality

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I'm getting a big reality check on my excitement for the past week. I've done tons of research on how to start my own small business (though it may be a large businees by all the factors i can make) and have decided to run a better ad to get a finacial backer (preferably a woman from UAE). It's been a little scary recently trying to work out a Business Plan when i still have more research to do and not enough time to do it...Why can't today be friday so I can go do the things i need to do in my head instead of waiting and waisting valuable time?

Friday I need to check out my rivals in AbuDhabi and Dubai, yes i said AND. Big road trip there! I want to see if my vision is already in effect or if I'm really as brilliant and I hope I am... I will try my very best to ensure my Arts and Craft Store in Al-Ain will be the thriving hub of the artistic communities.

I have a MESS of Goals to do and they all needed to be done yesterday!

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