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Neighbor Fights

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I was so angry by the treatment of one of my Arab neighbors (AN) to my nice Phillipino neighbor (PN). SOME Arabs are so biased agianst other nationalities. My PN was watering the gardens around all of our houses (which he personally helped shape with his own hands -for free!) and there was this expensive car parked nearby. The wheels somehow got gently splashed with water and some dirt kickup. The AN raised a fuss and started calling my PN stupid and such and threatening him. SO my easygoing PN got angry and was yelling who was this AN to be calling him names like that -his daughter standing in the garden baffled why her father was shouting. This is where I became concerned about my PN sudden temper and spied out the window. They continued the name calling and such and I got more worried and went to the door to peep through a crack. The AN came up to PN and started raising his hands and puffing his chest like he was gonna start something and my PN was holding the hose like he really wanted to strangle or spray the AN (dont blame him I would have done it- i'm hotheaded). They seperated but I rushed my daughter to go out and grabbed my baby and put on hijab. We went out and i asked PN what was wrong and he told me the story and then the AN started up to me in Arabic but I demanded he speak in ENglish so he knows he's not dealing with someone uneducated that he can mess with (they respect Americans here). So he told his side and I pointed out to his that he shouln't park next to a Garden and not expect a little dirt to get on his car. He said he doesn't mind the dirt he can clean it off for under a dollar he just wants my PN to admit that he splashed his car. I told them both it was harmless accident and just drop it. But PN made it worse by demanding again to know who AN was and what connections he had. SO AN threatened to show him tonight when he called the owner of our buildings how powerful he was. Then AN saw I'm still staring at him like the pathetic P-of-SH- he is and shut up and left kicking up a cloud of dust which landed on his precious car... I stayed in the Garden to calm PN and tell him I got his back if the AN and the owner try to pull something with him. There were other witnesses too but they were all Phillipino. Of course the AN will just call them liars too but if he tries to mess with me, uh-uh he's gonna go down. My PN is so nice and generous he's giving me free internet before he even knew us and the first time we met him through the company he works for. He's awesome with plants and knows how best to deal with them and change them around when my whim dictates to re-make a bed of flowers. He's awesome and I'm not gonna let an arrogant AN mess with him because he thinks he's superior to Asians.

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Jayne said...

Unfortunately, this "do you know who I am?" or "I have connections in high places" mentality is so petty & at times, even laughable. No one likes admitting to a mistake, but you'll get to find out just how far people will go to make sure they don't HAVE to admit to something, even though they know they're wrong!
If anyone tells me (with arrogance) "do you know who I am" I simply tell them that no, I don't know, neither do I care, but I do happen to know a couple of very good mercenaries..........hehehe

American Muslima Writer said...

hmm good one to remember for sure...though I wouldn't use such "big words" they might not get it through their thick skulls... i know man with sharp knife or silent gun might work just as well...

Umm Ibrahim said...

LOL, it sure doesn't sound boring around where you live!

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