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Life in Al-Ain

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So far things having been going well the past year. I've stabilized my life enough to where I can take the time to write a lot more. I've only been able to write off and on the last 3 years. Ah the good old days when i was pregnant with my first baby and had SO MUCH TIME I never knew I had-- All to myself!

I've taken to walking an hour or more around AL-Ain just to see how far I can walk and see what there is down all those side streets i never take when my husband is driving. Not that I can buy anything but window shoping and window eating is always nice! Plus it gets my head out of the house and gets my kids a breath of fresh air. Near the Downtown building of "Homes R US" are massively expensive houses all parked up with the fanciest cars imaginable. I'm looking at it mouth agape knowing the only way I'd ever live there is if I sell everybook I've ever thought of and they were all best-sellers. (I.E. It will never happen) I don't REALLY want a house and car liek that though because i can think of dozens of better things i can do with the money like help poorer people.
My daughter will start pre-school soon again and I'm so happy to have the mornings inbetween brestfeeding my son to myself for writting. I also re-designed my garden today now that my very generous and helpful Philipino neighbor has gotten me more bricks!!!

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Jayne said...

Welcome to Blogging & also to the UAE m'dear! I envy you living in Al Ain & even moreso because you have a garden (*sob*)! (I put up a post about the garden I managed to create in Saudi, but you'd have to trawl thru my archives, as I'm unsure of the date, sorry!)
Thank you for stopping by my blog & please don't be put off by my bad language......just been taking a bit of strain lately!
I wish you well with your writing hon :-)

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,
Sounds good being able to go out for a stroll... not quite the same here in Saudi! I guess that even there you'll have to enjoy it while you can... is the weather a little more favourable at the moment? Summer will soon be upon us though!

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