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My Vision of Writing

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So what's my new vision hold for writing you may ask...

I realized that being American AND Muslim is unique. Being these and living in Arabia makes MORE unique. Being married to Lebanese I've been able to live the culture and now moving to UAE I've learned how the cultures differ in different countries. All this adds to a lot of knowledge about Middle East and Arab behaviour. My goal is to use my knowledge to write more believable books featuring Arabs (men or women) as my lead characters. Some I hope to base on principles of Islam and falling in love. Others will have more "western flair" but still conform to my beliefs. I'm hoping that with my insights the books wont be just another "silly Arab romance novel" but something substantial that has meaning and is memerable as something real. My books will take place in REAL Arab countries that I've extensivly researched not the normal "fictional countries" listed on the website Shiek and Desert Love listed below in my "Daily Read". They [other Authors] who have writen for fictional countries are afraid to offend the culture becuase they dont KNOW the cultures as I do. This is why I'm not afraid to write for Real countries.
Some may ask why not write non-fiction if you're a stickler for mainly facts? The honest answer is I LOVE FICTION! I daydream almost non-stop about what i write and even daydream and spend my day in imagination on stories that will never become a book but they are just fun to play. Not that I don't have my serious time too like taking care of house and kids and husband but I try to fit these things when plausable into my imaginations. I'm sure if there were hidden cameras People would really think I'm strange talking and murrmering to myself as I talk out characters but *shrug* each to his own. There's more a sence of idealism (me being an idealist) in romance books that I love. Sure maybe a man WONT give a woman multiple O* 10 times in a row but it COULD happen if someone took the time and EFFORT. HAHAHA ok I hear you saying get real... see this is where you (actaully I) have to decide what needs to be real and what needs to be fiction.
For example I do need to know how Tribal systems work for my current book in ANcient Arabia in the time of Ignorance before Islam. How do I learn about this? Through mainly my father-in-law, my grandfather-in-law, my other in-laws and internet research. Also being in Middle East i can visit some of these sites and get a clearer idea. As for Arab relationship problems I got that covered personally being marriedto an Arab, having read hundreds of romance novels, and asking quite bluntly to all my sister-in-laws if this or that would really happen. It's a nice system.
Sure I have DOZENS of books that are non-Arab, romance, or sci/fi/fantasy, in development but when it came time to pick a "first book" me and my family and in-laws thought my Arab books were best for now. As I grow as an Author someday I will have time for my lovely others.
So here's a last note: I am trying to interview currently Arabs with unique marriages that are "different" from AMerican standpoints. Like the prevalence of cousins marrying each other. Sure it does happen in USA but not like it does with acceptance here. So anyone out there who would liek to be interviewed and are married to an Arab or are Arab let me know and I'd be happy to ask a few questions. Also helps if you come from UAE, Yemen, Syria, European countries other than UK, Saudi, Jordan etc... I want to pick your mind of all the inform it has about your culture and personal relationships (within Islamic boundries of course). I don't need to know stuff like how many times and when you sleep with your spouse. I'm talking about basic questions like How did you meet? WHY did you like this person? What about their culture is hard to deal with? Etc... I wont write your life story I will just break it down to be used randomly (with your permission of course) within many books. LIke if I write about Yemen I'd take waht you said of the culture and what that guy said about his wife and what that lady said about her cat and bam there's the story.... well it works in my mind and on paper but describing inspirtaion proccess is hard...
So that's a little bit of what's going on in my writing head all day.

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Umm Yehiya said...

Awesome idea! MashaAllah.

It's interesting to hear about your process...I'm amazed - I too USED to have a "writing head," and it was constantly going simultaneously as I was living my life on the outside. It was wonderful, and lead be to be a prolific writer....4 1/2 years ago. ;) I want to get into it again, inshaAllah, but in a better way, pursuing correct & beneficial topics. But seeing as I'm such a slow-moving person, I'm definitely taking my time. Khair inshaAllah. :)

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