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It's in quotes because it was fun so not totally allowed to call it out-right research.
We first started out late for our Dubai trip because we overslept becuase little man was howling all night. We picked up Hubby's co-worker and hit the road. We got to Dubai easily but then Hubby started freaking out that we have to find Masjid quick so we can pray Jummah (Friday Prayer). SO I'm the map reader and have to direct us. But no masjids that aren't historical sites aren't listed on said map. I get us near where we need to be to meet my new friend. We get to pray on time. Well they do I sit in the car and wait because there are all men and I doubt women at this masjid but it's ok cause I can pray a little later.
So we drop Co-worker off at Mall nearby and get lost in residential areas until we find a highway again. Then call my new friend who I'm late by 2-3 hours to visit. FInally we meet and it's sooo wonderful! I learned so much about Emeratian culture and I realized there is SO MUCH MORE I gotta find out. Cultures amaze me and I just soak up all info. Yes i can use it in a book later but the most part is learning why people behave in certain ways. And I like the reasons behind it. I openly questioned and she openly answered even the things i didn't think she would hehehe. I learned one important tool: How to eat a plate of rice with no utensils, bare hand (right hand of course) only. It was fun and more important the sunnah is right. It is more filling when you touch your food and more satisfactory. Gnashing your teeth on a cold metal spoon isn't nearly as plesent as scooping with a few fingers and being able to leisurly eat. It takes time to scoop and gather and bring to mouth than to scoop on spoon and eat. Fabulous! I loved it. Important other thing i learned is don't trust most Expats (a certain one who write controversial things about emeratians which i wont link because she has enough hate on there to scare anyone from UAE) blogs about emeratians or locals because just like every people and every country there are good and bad and I just met a bunch of good and I'm hoping to meet more. She said with over 300 cousins most Emeratians don't have time to deal with expat friends ebcause they have to make visits and such to keep family ties strong, it's not a matter of being stuck-up liek some people think they are. Of course she said some ARE stuck up but they aren't as many as the normal people. So this goes to show you out there don't judge people until you know them well.
After I said a fond good-bye to them, i can't help it I'm a hugger and i doled out many hugs! Hubby kids and I went to pick up co-worker and then go find Wafi Mall. Ok we saw it and drove past it as we were lost a billion times and trying to avoid toll roads called Salik. FInally after watching it pass by the window with no way for my road to connect to that road i was liek FORGET WAFI!!! We go to Jumaira. I know that area better! So we went to Jumairah Center which has an amesome bookstore outside the mall itself. I snooped prices and ites in stock at any and all craft stores and the decor used. Most craft stores had same decor BORING!!! But one THAT WAS CLOSED! had awesome American themed and I was peeking in the window so long and writiting everything i saw I was nervous the security might come and question me hehe. Then we all went to dinner and that was nice. Then my little man went to sleep fairly quickly with a soothing feed and a noisy car and I had freetime to think about the business but my mind kept wandering and I nodded off every so often only to startle awake to make sure my HUbby wasn't falling asleep while driving becuase sometimes he gets sleepy on long drives at night. He did fine then crashed into his bed (without the car) to sleep solidly. Of course long car ride with baby sleeping means he stayed up LATE but he was being cute not difficult so it was fine. So I had very good day of research! Now if only i can get the funding!!!!
Gulf News said "It doesn't run ads like this from people who don't have a company already." I guess only people WITH companies can run ads saying they want financing to START a company.....hmm GOOD POLICY!!! NOT!!!!!! So now either i have Hubby translate my ad to Arabic and run it in AL-Waseet arabic classifieds or i rely on word of mouth and meetings to get a sponsor..... I WANT a sponsor soon though before someone takes the shop i'm looking at!
I found great new links for Expat Women that I'll link soon (when it's not 5am and I've been up all night) but I feel like I don't quite belong because I'm Muslim and they are mostly not. I miss Lebanon where I had Lots of women jsut like me, Marrried to Lebanese Men, Muslim Converts all living in Lebanon.

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Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,
Just wanted to say good luck with your business venture... insha'Allah you get funding and get off to a flying start!

Brn said...

Hello and welcome to Al Ain - I just discovered your blog tonight. And best wishes on your arts and crafts store idea, it is badly needed here.

Anonymous said...

have you been to the arts and crafts shop at the university social club? on the dubai road going towards the rotana on the right handside. it's very good, but expensive. it's the only shop dedicated only to arts and crafts. did you go to the arts and craft fair at the rugby club? a great day!

American Muslima Writer said...

I did go to the rugby show and was happy to feel a little more like home....though did it have to be at the top of the steps? I had to lug my stroller and kids all the way up.

Anon: What is this store's name? I'd love to visit it. Can you give me further info I'm not sure by your directions where that is....

brn: Welcome of course and thanks for the encouragement

Umm Ibrahim: Thanks and insha'Allah it will work out!

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