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Our Bodies that is: I don't work on my other blog nearly as much as I should but this update on HOW I lost so much weight can't be missed! Because it's soooo easy that you can start it RIGHT NOW! Go see it! Yes you! GO! NOW! Nooo don't linger and read my newest and coolest posts... GOOOOOOOOO!
I promise if you go there and I see an upswing from my normal three visitors (one of whom is my mom) I will pledge myself to really get sweaty and update more!

.....erm, are you still sitting reading this? I did say to: GOOOO!

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Anonymous said...

salam aleikum, i've discovered your blog not so long ago, i like it, i like the way you write, you seem to be funny, someone nice to have around, i wish you well you and your family insha Allah.
i also read a bit of your other blog, because i'm also into healthier eating but haven't got to excercizing very much yet...anyway i hope you reached your goal of 70kg, have you?
m'a salam

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