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You have led my husband's eyes away from me to your preening fashion models.
You have led my daughter's innocent sense of humor become corrupted.
You have wasted my time when I could have done something better.
Though you have educational programs,
Though you have news news news in both languages,
Though you have inspirational and funny shows,
Keeping your sinful channels is not worth the good you have.
To get to the good we have to trudge through the bad.
I'm sick of watching half dressed (if that much) people grind like animals,
just to reach English Islamic programs.
I'm sick of my daughter choosing Disney,
over listening to Qur'an.
Therefore, Orbit Satellite TV, YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED!
Never soil my house and mind again.
~Brandy A. Chase (c)2008

PS: Come and get your decoder so I can have my deposit back PRONTO!

Update: So Hubby came home and had to eat a meal yet again without tv on and he was so upset and claimed he's going to buy his own sat reciever no matter what. NOOO!! I shouted, WHAT'S THE POINT OF ME GETTING RID OF ORBIT IF YOU GET ANOTHER BOX OF SIN!?!?! I WONT ALLOW IT IN MY HOUSE! He thought about that one so we'll see where this goes but I'm serious.

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Aalia said...

LoL! That is why we got rid of our T.V. a loooong time ago :-D

L_Oman said...

Sister, I'm not sure if you're aware but the free satellites have even more that what you describe! Hotbird, Nilesat, Arabsat - it makes no difference. Just thought you'd want to know if you don't already. :( You have to pay for nickelodeon, but porn (god forgive me) is free on all the satellites. :(

Ugh. I hate tv.

bea* said...

congrats..that was such a brave step..
i cant believe how i missed your blog before..i really liked it..and am definitely coming back again :)

keep up the good work..seriously..

American Muslima Writer said...

Good idea Aalia. I still have the tv to watch movies but i'm sooo over the reg tv.

LOman: Oh I'm defiitly aware since i had both orbit and an arab channels. Some of the worst stuff was on the arab channels like rotana etc... Of course stupid star academy from Lebanon and such just piss me off. True USA may have MTV but the Arabs have their trash tv too. All disgusting. Exactly it's pathetic to pay an arm and a leg to get kids shows and then for free eyou get the trash.
Bea* : thanks for the encouragement! Welcome welcome, ahlan wa sahlan habibi. I just checked out your blog too very cool. I don't read the arabic well but I like the english posts i read so far :) Are you in Al-Ain currently? If so we should meet up! :D If you dare face my weirdness in person hehehe.

Amal said...

hahah that is so true , it does my head in ! I know if we did not see naked computerized woman all the time in our faces maybe , we would not suffer li=ow self esteem .

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

LOL - now that's interesting ... since many in the ME think that the "wicked west" has brought them corruption.

LOL - it appears they have their own without our help :)

I would never get rid of my TV. I enjoy the news, National Geographic channel, Discovery, etc. There are many educational and beneficial programs here in the US.

Of course, if one wants to find garbage, it can be found, too. But we don't have porn available for general viewing.

In our home, we have a Spanish satellite. We get about 40 channels. But alas, many of them are trash. We like the Hispanic news networks though.

Ilka said...

salamu alaykum

good for you! i was going to subscribe to orbit but decided against is as i am just cheap and also didn't want my daughter watching the disney channel all day. at least with her dvd's i can put them away so she can't reach them.

Susie of Arabia said...

Good luck with that - I hope you are successful!

beans. said...

Good to know more people are throwing that useless thing out! Alhamdulillah! :) May Allah swt reward you with His blessing.

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