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Lebanon: Where's the candle and matches?

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Nearly everyday the power would go out for increments.
Something like this schedule:
AM: 12 to 6 Power ON
6-12 Power OFF
PM: 12-2 Power ON
2-6 Power OFF
6-9 Power ON
9-12 Power OFF
SO you just have to regulate your schedule (and whats left in the fridge) to coordinate with the power so you can get laundry done and such. If you could afford a generator hook up that was a life saver but we couldn't. Many a evening we spent having a "romantic" candle lit dinner. By necessity. Sometimes though at night I loved it and it made me feel more like how the Companions must have felt. We'd have time to write a little bit or read Qur'an by candlelight then pray early and go to bed early and sometimes just sit and chat in the dark. Sometimes when the electricity would come on unexpectedly my husband would break the spell by rushing gleefully to turn on the TV and news. I wanted to reprimand him for being so unromantic. But he lived like this for years during the war, so a chance for electricity was something good, and not having it made him feel backwards and poor. For me growing up with electricity all the time, not having it was a chance to feel historic.
Now I'm in UAE and having power 24/7 fell surreal at first. Then slowly I became used to it. The other day my power was cut for 4 hours and the first two hours were ok because the room stayed cool but the second two hours were torture in the heat of the day and I had to fan my kids to keep them cool. (ouch my arms hurt so bad from constant fanning). So it reminded me how luxurious electricity can be. In this country we'd be suffering heat stroke without it. Yet there are places and people who go without it and we should feel fortunate to have it.

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MyHijab said...

The electricity, or lack of it, really annoys me in leb. You can't just decide to have a shower, unless your willing to shower in freezing cold water in the middle of winter.

Being in the village is a little easier because if you are in the middle of making lunch or dinner and the power goes, you can just switch to using the soobya (fireplace): but that's only if its winter.

So you always have to prepare in advance and work out when there is no power. But sometimes, the power is gone at odd times when you don't expect it to, right in the middle of vacuuming or drying your hair or using the pc or whatever. Its frustrating.

I suppose if you live in leb it is something you can get used to, but because I spend 2 or 3 months there every year or so, it is hard. But it does help me appreciate the constant electricity here in oz.

L_Oman said...

A year ago, we suffered from the Typhoon Gonu and it was really hard dealing without electricity or water for days.

I can't imagine having to deal with a schedule like that on a daily basis, but subhanallah, you made it!

How about write some more stories of how you felt in Lebanon while there was a war?!? How did your family feel about the fact you were there?

Keep up the great writing! :)

Habayeb said...

Really electricity IS a blessing alhamdulilah.....I just cant imagine living without it..but yeah sumtimes its fun ya know sitting all together, bringing out the candles , chatting n stuff while waiting for the electricity to come back.

Aafke said...

It happens very rarely that we lose power, so when it does happen I think it's a bit of an adventure. :)
And I always have lots of candles everywhere! There is no better way of having a good confidential talk than putting out the lights and bringing out the candles.

ammena said...

alhamdulillah :) just came across your blog. Insha'allah its ok if I add it to my blog roll. I look forward to reading from you :D


"Piú giú, in fondo alla Tuscolana...

!?...passavo per un saluto!

American Muslima Writer said...

my hijab: exactly! Showers are killers in Leb. in the mountains we had to boil the water on the propane stove and then add cold water from the taps to even it out and use a bucket to pour the water on ourselves... ugh. I too hated the pc being shut off abruptly before i had a chance to save the work. I'm glad you didn't have to spend 24/7/365 there!

American Muslima Writer said...

L_Oman: thanks for the great writing ideas...they are coming lol keep in tune for the Life Story series I'm doing ;) (well I'm brannching them between Lebanon stories and USA /life stories lol.....)
I'm sorry you had to go through that dear. I hope though it was a hassle you and your family mad it through ok.

American Muslima Writer said...

Hab: ;) do you mind the nickname?
Yeah it can be lots of fun using candles all the day especailly like in ancient times!

Aafke: that's a good way to look at it as an adventure! Heheh imagine your'e about to fight with hubby and you're like "Wait a sec... i gotta get the candles out! OK continue on now that the mood is set..." I bet the yelling wont be as loud with candles...the dark seeems to quiet everything.

American Muslima Writer said...

Ammena: welcome welcome !!! add away to your Blogroll! I'll add you to mine soon when i update hehehe.

Rosa, I don't speak spanish all tht well anymore. Can you translate or can someone translate for her please?

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