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Welcome Julie and Angelina!

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Two ladies have come to stay with us, hopefully long term until Allah takes them from this world. No my hubby hasn't married #2 and #3 hehehe. He bought Angelina, who is a beautiful, White-cheeked BulBul Bird. He accidently let Yasmine, Hamza, and Amber (our last three bulbuls) free a while back. I named the last three and he named this one...three guesses who it refers to...ugh.... I hate the name. (i.e. celebrity).
Then a few days ago we were at the mall looking at pets for fun when i saw these cute little hamsters and begged for one. He said no way. But then the next day he brings me this bird cage as a surprise and tells me to pick out a hamster. I was going to pick a wild funny one but when i let it sniff my hand he bit it so i was like that's not good for the kids. THis tubby little brown one with grey stripes and white belly kept licking my hand obviosuly begging me to take her home so I did. We spent a half an hour thinking up a name that later my babay could get out. Finally the name Julie came to mind (because of my recent dreams...another post). So Julie it is!
THis is the perfect first pet for my daughter at age 3. Not so fragile to be frightened by clumbsy kids not so boisterous to trouble her. My daughter constantly goes to open the cage and feel her. SHe's a calm little hamster and takes it only sqeeling a few times when baby was fast and smacked her (yes I promtly never let him near her again! I'm strict for no animal abuse!) But he likes to stare at her cage. So my daughter is always concerned about Julie. "How is Julie doing?" "Can I feed her?" "Can I give her this, or that?" It's adorable! Right this second she's learning how to cut paper and saying "Julie would love a piece of my cutting." So it's certainly giving her lots to do now. I let Julie out now and then for some run around time suppervised and my daughter squeels as her tiny paws tickle her hands. This is teaching my daughter great hands-on responsability. Though i have to always be on guard that she doesn't accidently hurt her (by picking up the cage and shaking it...ugh my heart)
I'm so happy about our new family members!

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Habayeb said...

awwwww, how cute! Im kinda scared of hamsters but Julie sounds sooooo cute masha'allah! I had 2 birds when i was 11 but then one day after coming from skool i found of em dead and let the other one free, since then i have no pets since u get so attached n after they die its so sad....anyways hope u njoy wid julie and angelina n do post sum pics of em if u can!

American Muslima Writer said...

Hamsters ar soo harmless of all the rodent species lol. I used to have 8 YES EIGHT! rats...cute little guys! I had to give them up to other homes when i came to Lebanon (and of coruse UAE). I don't think i can make my in-laws understand my love for rats lol. My husband wasn't soo thriled either lol.
Yes it's sad when they die but as long as we do our best in taking care of them then we shoudl continue to try. It's like having kids in a way. You bear them knowing that one day ALlah will take them back but that doesn't stop peope from still having children. ;)
I will try to get some pictures of them!

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