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Sisters, How Beautiful You Are!

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Women are amazing to begin with but there are a few special sisters in my life who make things much more amazing for me.

My Blood sister J: Though life has always been a struggle for you, you still meet it head on and full of adventure and enthusiasm and when things get rough I will always be there for you to cry with. I wish we had grown up closer but life is how it is and we did the best we could to meet up alot. I know I'm so very far away from you now but I still think of you and gaze fondly at your pictures. I miss you a lot.

My Blood Brother's wife H: You just joined the family and I'm so happy that you are the one my brother chose. You make him so calm and more responsible about life and taking care of himself. I'm so happy he found someone to share his life with and I'm glad that he chose such a sweet and caring and wonderful person like you.

My Husband's Older sister H: Ah, the advices we share and the fun times we've had just sitting together and chatting about annoying husbands, and kids. I still maintain that duct tape would work wonders for naughty kids ;) I don't know how I would have made it so long in Lebanon without your house to rest at and find a friendly face in. Your charming children always brightened up my day and made me look forward to the next stage they'll reach. You are so gracious to always have just what I love to eat cooking and Jam for me in the fridge! You're so full of warmth and genuine caring that no one could be miserable in your house. Thank you for always letting me come by.

My Husband's Younger sister H: The days that felt so crazy were eased by your smile. How could it be that two people from two different cultures and two different worlds could think the same way? From chocolate, ice cream, and games we think on the same lines! You've introduced me to the amazing world of the Arabs and how you think and how you act and sometimes when I was an uppity American you put me back in my Muslim place. All with a simple "La ya Aminah!" You have so many adventures waiting for you in the future and I pray I'll witness every one and watch how you grow up even more than you have in the last 5 years. You're my sister in every way no matter how far our blood is from each other. You're the one person I can be my complete weirdo self around and I know You're destined for greatness, anything less is not allowed for your active mind.

My Husband's Younger Brother O's wife D: You always told me the ins and outs of Lebanese society and in-law's etiquette and where to forget the rules and where to keep the rules. With your grace and style you reminded me we are women and should take the time to pamper ourselves now and then. You're strong and brave and certainly a formidable foe to anyone wanting to step up in your face. With the birth of your son we connected in more ways and had a lot of fun hanging out. Thanks for teaching me the word "^Ayb -Shame" Heh, it taught me alot.

My Husband's Younger Brother A's wife M: I appreciated always your warmness and generosity in inviting us often to stay the night at your house and cooking the most delicious foods. No matter if it was Ramadan or just Lunch any meal was an occasion with you to feast and have a great time. Opening your home and heart to me always made me feel special. I pray that your two beautiful daughters walk in your footsteps and become as sweet as you.

My Husband's Younger Brother W's wife H: Though graceful and proper you always have a place for relaxing and enjoying the moment. You were blessed with an easy birth and although sometimes it isn't easy being a new mother I know you'll make it because you have determination and a lot of love to give. Thanks for always making me feel like your home is my home.

My Mother S: Sometimes I can't believe that we talk on the phone and when you were in UAE we lived a month without fighting now. It's a relief and almost surreal that we get along so splendidly now. Sometimes I look back and wonder why we fought so much to begin with. Thank you so much for spending you time and money on our little family across the world and we love you so much and miss you dearly. (Dad too!)

My Mother-in-Law R: Where have the years gone? We've both changed and compromised so much trying to blend our two worlds together. You've picked up some English and I've picked up some Arabic and in between we just figure things out. We may not always agree with each other's different views but we strive to make it work and enjoy our day together. Just hearing your voice brings me a smile and knowledge that you are out there making your strongest du'as for us. And we make du'a for you too.

My Aunts in USA, and Aunt-in-laws: Thanks for always encouraging me with your wise words and open arms.

My daughter: You've taught me sooo much about life and how to improve myself. I've learned to be a better person for your sake. I've learned selflessness and true meaning of unconditional love. No matter how you try my patience I will always love you and will keep loving you. You're my personal star.

And of course to all my friends out there in America, All over the world, Lebanon, and UAE: You've each touched my life in a meaningful way and I pray that I have left something special with each of you and that if we ever meet again it will be with smiles and a special cup of coffee.

My Blogging friends, advisers, silent readers, commenter's, and other bloggers: Thank you for cheering me up each and every single day. Masha'Allah.

*Three special men: My Dad L: You've always been there for me and helped me up when I've fallen, be it mentally or on rollerblades. You're my true Life Saver. I love you and Miss you sooo much.

*My Husband Z: Thanks for believing in me and not just giving up when things get rough. Thank you for giving me my two beautiful children and taking care of me every day. I love you.

*My Son M: You make every day brighter with your silly smiles and tongue hanging from the corner of your mouth as you laugh. Nothing makes my heart happier than hearing "Allah Allah Allah" from your baby voice all day. You're my sunshine.

Allah gives us such a great capacity to love and masha'Allah I love each and every one of you.

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Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Masha'Allah that's beautiful sis. So many people in our lives all with a different role; some who make us laugh, some who calm us down, some with whom we can cry, some from whom we can learn and many more besides. Alhamdu lillah!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to the important people in your life! You are blessed, alhumdullilah, to love and be loved by so many people.

There is a lesson here. If we take inventory of the love in our lives, most of us will be able to find so much more of it than of the niggling problems we like to complain about.

Habayeb said...

awww masha'allah wat a cute post! i so agree, we all have so much love around us in one or the other way alhamdulilah.

youngMuslimah said...

aww, how cute ,how did you type all that w/ 2 little kids?!
I'm lovin your blog! :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Thank you. Yes we all are extremly blessed to have so many poeple to love and be loved by.
Sometimes at the end of the day when we are angry at someone we have to let it go and remember that we really do love this person. (esp our in-laws ;) )
Subhanallah its true that each of the people in our lives has a differnt role. And we use our friends and famil based on that role. For example maybe you complain about your marriage to your sis-in-law but not to your daughter or aunt. etc... It's amazing.
Heh a lot of the time my kids are either sleeping or playing with their toys next to me when i type this up.

iMuslimah said...

Assalamu alaykum,

What an awesome post! I think its wonderful that you took the time to appreciate those special peple in your life.

Life would be really difficult without family, dont you think? What a tremendous blessing from Allah that you are surrounded with so much love, friendship and strong women :)

Oh yes- iBaby is getting super cute. I cant take it! As I type this, he is sitting in front of me in his bouncy seat, cooing and smiling at the turtle suspended from the activity bar above him, and kicking his legs like he's marching in place. Aye! I love it!

Alhamdulillah for everything.

L_Oman said...

Masha'allaah - so many blessings around you, AMW!

American Muslima Writer said...

lol imuslimah, i love the kicking before the rawling and walking phases it's sooo cute. and subhan'Allah without any family it does feel so lonely. sometimes when our family is so far away we have to make friends to take their places and be as close as family is. Especially expats.

L_Oman ALhamdulliah!

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