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Is my Baby Cursed?

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Ya Allah.

Something is definity wrong with my son, subhanAllah. EVERY DAY,
E V E R Y D A Y !!!!
He is getting hurt somehow. Since he's been born he's fallen off the bed 8 tims and bonked his little head leaving a lemon sized bruise each time. Making me feel like a crappy mother for not being able to fully protect him each time. He's into climbing and trying to stand by himself and learning to take a few walking steps by himself. We are going into debt because we HAD to just buy carpets for the floors (luckily we don't have many rooms and they aren't big) so if he does fall he wont hit his head so hard. That's not enough though! Still he's getting hurt!

Yesterday he climbed up onto his short high chair and then didn't know how to get back out and fell backwards from it and bonked his head. Luckily he wasn't really fazed by it and tried to climb it again but I put the tray on it to prevent him access. The day before that while playing with his sister she knocked him over onto his back but he hit his cheek on a toy pushbutton phone and it left a nasty bruise.

Today was the worst though! We got back from getting a carpet for the living room (cause soon he'll be climbing the couches) and we eat but the kids are trying my patience and I'm snappy and my husband is soo tired and getting cranky then my son falls under the table. After eating we are getting ready for bed and I'm putting a new sheet on the bed and smoothing it out and tucking the ends in when my son falls over and hits his head on the sharp corner of a drawer. I rush and grab him up expecting to see another bruise but what I find is a mother's worst nightmare there is a hole in my baby's head. Alhamdulliah it's not big about 2mm deep and 2mm across but a hole nevertheless. ABout two inches above his right eye. Allah saved his eye! Alhamdulliah. Alhamdulliah. I freaked out and started crying my heart out and trying to ask my husband if it looks bad enough to take to the doctor. Masha'Allah when i freak my husband sucks it up and is the strong one. He takes the baby from me, which upsets me more cause I just wanna squeeze him and hold him and assure myself that he's ok but with us both crying it's not going to help him. My husband takes him to the other room to distract him while I cry so hard and wonder why this is happeneing to him. Has someone cursed my baby with the evil eye? Or has Allah willed for my son to be accident-prone? What is going on?!?!?!
Finally my husband orders me to calm down for the baby's sake and I try to but I keep imagining it hit his eye instead of his head. Ya Allah I'll give him my own eye, just please protect my son. Eventually I blow my nose and make the rest of the bed to calm myself before taking my son back. I hug him tight and kiss him over and over so happy he's alright. I curl up with him on the fresh sheets and feed him his milk as I sooth his little delicate fuzzy head. I beg my husband to read Qur'an for him and he does so as my little sweet blueberry cupcake falls asleep. I lay him on his bed area and then hug my husband cause I'm still shaken up. After a few hugs I'm feeling better but still sooo confused. WHy is this happeneing everyday?
E V E R Y D A Y !!!!!!!!!!!
My son's skull is a puzzle of bruises in different stages it's so sad. People are always commenting too when we go out.
"Ohhh what happened?"
"Poor Baby!"
I feel like the worst mother in the world. I'd keep his hat on if it wasn't so hot and if he didn't take it off every two seconds. My brother-in-law after seeing and hearing about his many bruises said we should sacrifice a sheep for his sake to Allah. So Allah will bless him and maybe if there is an evil eye it will be removed. I've never heard of doing this because I'm still new about such things. If there is a sacrifice to be made though, for sure I want to do it. As I layed his little head down and watched his soft chest rise and fall and smelled his milky breath, I felt my squwimishness fade and a hardness fill my heart. I will slaughter a sheep or goat or even a camel, by hand, if that's what it takes to protect my son from this daily harm. I will research how to do a halal sacrifice and the sunnah of slaughtering an animal and I WILL DO IT.

Has anyone heard of being harmed like this before? Do you know how it was stopped? SHould I slaughter something? ANyone know any hadith, qur'an, rulings about this? Let me know please as soon as you can. I'm so tired and my heart is so full of pain looking at his bruised head and seeing his little blue eyes filled with tears.
If you don't know anything then at least keep him in your thoughts and prayers and make du'a for him please.

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ammena said...

masha'allah hes adorable sis :) people have been saying 'haram' to you :( pff.. have u taken him to the doctors about this? i know it might be hard in a country where u dont speak the language. Maybe its something to do with his ears (the centre of our balance) i pray he sorts himself out soon for your sake aswell as his own. Alhamdulillah u have ur hubby and your God :)

Najeeba said...

Assalamu alaikum,
I'm not a mother yet, but I think i'll b able to giv some words your problem. My younger brother always hurt himself, at the age of your son. I remember mom often crying when he was hurt. He was a bit naughty and so did all kinds of pranks that eventually hurt him. He became ok when he grew up. I think there nothing to worry. Anyway, I promise you I'll pray for him. And y don't you try reciting the last three sura's (nas, falaq and ikhlas) with your hands in a dua position, then blowing into it three times and rubbing it on his body? That is a sunnah, and my grandad used to do it whenever anyone of us gets hurt of falls ill.

أبو سنان said...

I have two little boys, one aged two the other turns three next week. They are always getting hurt.

The youngest one is rough and jumps onto everything, he throws himself around. They have both been hit, scratched, banged, bumped more times than I can imagine.

Unless you suspect something medical, like he cannot gain his balance, weak muscle tone ect I wouldnt worry about it. It is just the way boys are.

At first I got worried with every new incident, but then I got used to it.

Masha'Allah, he's cute.

Marahm said...

Your son is a little sweetheart! Masha'Allah.

With all due respect, I'd forget about the evil eye and slaughtering sheep. The only sacrifice you need to make is of a bit of money for a medical consultation.

Your son is probably a normal, adventurous little boy, but you might want to have that bruising checked out, if you and his father feel that it is excessive.

Anonymous said...


oh he is to adorable.........MashaAllah

I don't know about the sacrifice ....maybe take him to the doctor......I will keep him in my dua's poor baby with a gash on his head Ya Allah(swt)

btw I tried calling am I dialing wrong or is there sumthing special i have to do when

American Muslima Writer said...

I know he doesn't have inner ear problems because he's balncing and trying to walk just fine. He cruises around too so his balance is well defined.
He's a strong boy masha'Allah so his muscle tone is great.
The last time he bonked his head hard on the tiles I took him to the doc and he said everything is fine with him, he's acting normal and taking it as if nothing happened. They are running a test though to see if his blood doesn't clot fast enough which would explain why they swell so fast when he does get hurt. Cause when my daughter first got her vaccines her vaccine site would swell enormously and not ease for weeks there'd be a large hard bump under the skin so this made the doctor worried he might have this diseaset taht runs in males and is carried by the females. So far the results were corrupted by the blood clotting too fast in the tubes (irony) so i'll have to go get blod drawn again. they'll send it to germany for testing.

perhaps it is just activeness but my husband praticall accusses me of child abuse each time he gets hurt so I'm really getting sick of him getting hurt daily. He's gotten himself in trouble four more times since I've written this post.....*sigh* I can't take this if it's going to last long term.... heh.
thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Instead of worrying about evil eye do as sis Najeeba suggested and recite the 3 Quls, Ayat Al-Kursi and the du'a for protection of our children (A'oothu bi kalimaatillahi taama min kulli haama wa ayni laama). Sounds like he's at that wriggly, cheeky age where the only safe place you can put him down is on the floor in the first place. ;) Insha'Allah you'll get carpets soon and that you'll be able to do that. :)

MY second daughter was also terrible for banging herself... it would always be her face that got it too! One time she leapt off the dining room table and whacked her head on the patio doors (toughened glass alhamdu Lillah) and knocked herself out and had a huge egg bruise there. She still has an indentation on her forehead. She crashed into a terracotta plant pot which smashed and she nicked her ear (still had the scar), crashed into the radiator and split her lip and needed 2 stitches, another child drop a large garden bird statue on her head... she had blood gushing from her head but alhamdu Lillah was OK... the bad thing with her was that she also had cyanotic breath holding spells so she would faint EVERY she hurt herself enough to cry!

So it's not just your son! ;) Do your best to protect himand then trust in Allah swt.

Hugs... Umm I xxx

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Awwww...bless. Look at those blue eyes! He sounds like a typical little boy-rough and ready.

L_Oman said...

I think he's just 'cheeky' as UmmIbrahim mentioned.

I do know how devestating it can feel though when your babe gets hurt. I always took it hard when my little guys got a knock on their noggin'.

It's tough bein' a mom - you've got to be on top of things all the time and then it seems like you have no time for yourself!

Is it possible to get a househelper just to lift some of the load off of you? In your above post you mentioned family visiting - if you can swing it, try to get someone at least temporary (that is if you're ok with getting a housekeeper).

Hina said...

MashaaAllah, such a cute boy! Just know I'm remembering him in my prayers.

American Muslima Writer said...

Masha'Allah! thanks for all your comments and stories bout your children getting banged up it makes me (and my husband) feel a lot better. I was all for sacrificing a sheep and all though lol...still am if need be but I guess if all kids are like this I'll just have to live with it. Umm Ibrahim I was wincing through your whole story OMG! How scary is that. Someone suggested to put a helmet on my son lol. I thought about it until I realized how impracticle that would be for a baby.
Thank you sooo much again for keeping im in your prayers and du'a.
Right now th little guy came down with a cold and has fever and a very nasty diaper rash so we are fighting it so he's not being verya ctive and just wants to lay in Mommy's arms all day so no bumps the last few days.... alhamdulliah.

UmmLayla said...

I had some trouble with our oldest son, and it turned out to be inner ear. And to be honest it didn't play out like just having no balance at all... It was like he would loose his balance for no good reason. He'd be playing or running around and boom.

So, I am all for eliminating medical causes. However, when we felt something might be wrong with DS we were advised to give sadaqa... Which we did, and we read lots of Quran for him.

Abu Ja'far said...

Dear Sis,

There is a sacrifice, which is sunnah, for new born baby. Usually on 7th, 14th, 21st, etc. day of birthday. It is called Aqiqa. Two goats for baby boy and one for baby girl :)

For your case, you can do all these:
1. Sacrifice two goats, cook the meat and serve the meat to your neighbors.
2. Following the serving, cut your son's hair and give shadaqa (alms) as much as weight of his hair in gold or money at price of that gold.
3. Following the haircutting and alms giving, hug your son and recite following du'a to his forehead, "Bismillaahi arqee(y)ka min kulli shay-in yoo-dzee(y)ka min kulli shay-in wa 'ay-nin wa nafsin wa haasidin. Allaahu yash-feeka bismillaahi arqee(y)ka. Allaahu akbaru wa jalla jalaaluhoo."

May ALLAH protect your son from any harms. Ameen.

Abu Ja'far

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