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Dreams: The Scottish Man and Julia Roberts

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I have such memorable and vivid dreams and I usually remeber them. I'd like to share some now and then and give someone else something interesting to think about that is probably really weird hehehe.

The first dream:

My husband and I (looking and talking like Julia Roberts) were having some troubles and he said he had to leave on a business trip for a while.. I said fine! SO he left and went to this snowy and icy country and when he stepped off the boat he carefully guided his second wife (who looked and acted like JLo -Jennifer Lopez) off. SHe shivered and wished to be back on the sandy beaches where it was warm. "I'm not from this setting, I don't like it, it makes me feel weak!" she murmered gently to her husband. "I know but we only have to visit my family for a short while then we'll go back home. I want them to meet you. They've never met my wife."

"WHat about your first wife?" She asked surprised. "No, she's to loud and outgoing, they'd never accept her. I can't take her here. Only you." He replied. SO they go meet the in-laws (NOT looking like MY in-laws let me add!) of a mother, grandmother, and an aunt. ALl of them look alike with medium brown skin, bobbed black hair that was comically poofed up like a mushroom, and nasty twisted faces. "Pleasure to meet you" the mother said as she layed out her tarot cards and began to call upon the jinn. "Pleasure to meet you." The grandmother said and began blowing on knots and sticks casting evil spells against JLo. "Pleasure to meet you" said the Aunt and began reciting evil chants under her breath. After a day JLo succumbed to a fever and illness that no one could explain though my husband brought doctors from afar. Finally he had to take her back to my houe for me to nurse her to wellness. The problem was the three in-laws followed us there and continued their sorcery against my co-wife. (remember I'm looking like Julia Roberts) I got all up in their faces when I saw what they were doing. I called them on it and was shouting and cursing and yelling at them and they were sooo shocked that they remained quiet for once. They took offense and then tried to harm me with their evilness but I wasn't having any of that and told them off again and literally threw them from my house. Instantly Jlo got better and thanksed me profusely. My husband was soo happy that she was better and that I had saved her.

I woke from that going...what was THAT ABOUT! WHy the celebrity cameos? I haven't been reading entertainment gossip for a LOONG TIME.

Second Dream:

A sterotypical Scottish man (I am part scottish) had 4 wives:

A Spanish Woman (sterotyped):

A Dutch Woman (sterotyped):

Julia Roberts (again played by me):

and a quiet mousy girl who looked like Emily Dickenson:
The fourth wife (me, Julia Roberts) had just joined the mix and was learning how to co-exist in the same castle as the others. Each of us had a wing to ourselves. But they liked to get together and put make-up on together and do each other's hair and have he kids running amuck between themselves. I felt really out of place and was like IS this normal? But they swept me up into it. Our Scottish "Lord of the manor" came booming in and sat heavily in the middle of the women and they fussed about him and his kids rushed talking at once but he jovilly held up his hand for silence and they all shrunk back. He called for me and told me to come rub his feet (we hadn't even consumated the marriage yet!) and the spanish woman snickered and tossing me a knowing look like "have fun". He kicked off his boots and sterotypical dirty smelly feet came popping out. I grimaced and did as I was told. He relaxed contended and then let everyone tell him the news of the day. Then finally after al the gossip he turns to me,
"How was your day?"
"I want a divorce." I say abruptly. Everyone looks at me shocked. Now this scottish guy may have been brutish to look at but he's a big softy sweetheart. He took my smeelly hands (from his feet) and held them in his, "But I love you and I give you everything."
"But this is so weird. I don't think i can live liek this."
"Oh she's rattling her bones, we will take good care of her." The dutch woman spoke.
"I wont keep you if that's what you wish." SO he let me go and I married my cousin (a real cousin, that was the creepy part of the dream) but I missed the scottish man and his ladies. SO I divorced my cousin (without having conumated again --thank God or else this would be a nightmare) and re-married the scottish man and his ladies. And lived happily within their mix.
Sooo I'm thinking a lot of this has to do with all these Poly blogs out there LOL. Maybe I have been reading them waaay too much. Obviously the dutch woman came from a blog i read from Holland. But what's up with this Julis ROberts theme?!? So that's why I named my new hamster Julie. If my husband can have Angelina I can have Julie ;) The characters were so vivid and funny I woke up laughing. The scottish man was too funny! Maybe because my g-pa went and visited Scotland recently so it was on my brain or who else would own a castle for his wives? I don't know. It was jsut weird but fun. I did tell my husband about these dreams and of course he liked the Julia/JLo one and just raised his brows about he Scottish Man and didn't say anything. HAHAHA! Dreams are amazing....

2 intelligent thoughts:

Habayeb said...

LOL! i laughed the most at the part where u so conveniently divorced re-married and AGAIN divorced n re-mmarried hehe :p yeah dreams are weird for sure. hmm that reminds.....i havent had a dream since a LONG time!!!!

American Muslima Writer said...

heheh yes dreaming is more convienient than real life lol.

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