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This is very important.
A sister is trying to get the word out about Abusive Relationships and Sisters and their Children in NEED of assistance.
Please go there RIGHT NOW!
Tell her how you WANT to help!
It just takes 10 minutes of your time... come on everyone has just 10 minutes to spare!
Help sisters all over the world.
Click on the Post Title OR below:
May Allah reward those who go and try. Seriously.

Imagine if it was your wife/daughter/sister/mother/cousin/aunt/niece in these women's shoes. I'm sure you would help them. So help others too.

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Chasing Jannah said...

Yes, this is my homegirl Alix who is the creator of the Blog, Daughters of Khadija. Masha'Allah, she is really caring and she is so loving towards me and my baby boy. She is like my sister and insha'Allah when I move to the Emirates and she visits me, we can look you up:-D

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