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Polygamy Joke Book

Wrote: American Muslima Writer | (3rd) and I were discussing a joke book on Polygamy in her blog when it struck me that this would be a funny post. Now I don't have the time or inclination to actaully write a whole book on Poly jokes (anyone up to the task?) but Feel free to add some in here. ANything you heard or saw, (even if it's a little naughty), let's hear it. 3rd's example was her husband thought he went to the movies with one wife while the wife he really went with was next to him. (she told it better on her blog I'm paraphrasing).

With so many wives it's easy to make mistakes for the man, especially if he's a bit magoo-ish.... lol so let's see what you guys have to say. Any funny stories from you Poly or Post-poly sisters and brothers?

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American Muslima Writer said...

I'm breaking my time from my in-laws to write a quick comment to Mr. Fouad Boutaya.
It was Aalia who wrote the post not me. So the fact that you posted your comment to her should have been enough for you but to come to my blog which has nothing to do witht he whole Safa/Boutaya issue is not good on your part. So for maybe the first time on my blog I deleted your comment and didn't post it. It has no place. The irony of you posting it under my JOKE BOOK post was interesting but still, no thank you. If peopel want to know more about this comment they can go to Aalia's great blog and read it there.
I'm not pro-hindy and I'm not anti-hindy. Aalia was pointing out we should have both sides of a story. I feel your grief about what happened to you and Safa and I'm sorry that happened to you brother but please don't bring things from other blog to my blog when I haven't written anything on it. The day I write a whole post to it is the day I would welcome your long comment about the issue.
If you want to reply to me about this issue do so under Aalia's post where I also replied to your comment there.
I don't like blog wars and I don't think it's good manners to drag issues from blog to blog.
Thank you and Salam.

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

Polygyny is a very sensitive subject for some people...Some of us have our our own ways of dealing with things but for some us it is a major sore spot....I for one do not think a joke book would be a good thing. But You will always have critics...

American Muslima Writer said...

well ther are funny tthings about all marriages weither one spouse or more and I thought some people would have some funny stories... well we can't always be right in every post...

Anonymous said...

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