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Married to a terrorist...

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Read this very interesting and heart-wrentching story about a Belgium convert.

I sat back after reading it and was like WOW, how many of us sisters could that have been? It is very VERY easy for brothers to meet extremist muslims these days and start getitng involved in some serious stuff and the wife would not be figuring it out. I repeat that story could have had any of our names on it. It touched my heart especially because of a personal matter but still I feel for her and I'm glad she's happy now. Though I do want to add, she should have LEGALLY (islamically and governmentally) divorced her husband BEFORE hooking up AND LIVING with this new man and having his baby. I am not agreeing with that part at all. I do like how she shows the burka to be personal choice and not something fard or suppressive. SHe chose to wear it and she chose to take it off.

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ammena said...

wow, subhanallah.. youre right though, it could be anyone of us. Noone is safe just because of the circles they marry in to. Someone marrying a convert, an arab, a studied person, a lax muslim isnt safe from the fact that this could happen. La hawla walla qwata illa billah. Thanks for sharing this link sis.

Habayeb said... true, ANY1 of us cud be in such a situation (God forbid) It must have been such a nightmare for her finding out such stuff abt her hubby n then interrogations n all......May Allah guide muslim men to the right path.

American Muslima Writer said...

ameenah thanks for coming! exactly it doesn't matter where they come from! You're welcome! Just wanna help poeple open their eyes more.

Habayeb: it IS a nightmare full of uncertainty and pain subhan'Allah. May Allah guide all muslim mena nd omen to the right path. There was female jihadist too. :)

Habayeb said...

ahh yes i know there are female jihadists as well....sorry forgot abt em.....May Allah guide em as well....

Najeeba said...

Assalamu alaikum,
I know of two persons, Mr Jeelani ( a professor) and Abdul nasar Ma'dini ( a politician) from India, my homeland, who where imprisoned for somany years ( Mr Ma'dini for 9 years) and then later let out sayining that they were innocent, Alhamdullilla, they got justice years later! Media and politicians play a great role in making Islam a terrorist group, there by creating Islamophobia among people. Some terrorist cases are never proved. wherever a blast occurs, its muslims!
I find same case with Rachid (..."It was never proved," she says...). Why can't our investigation system find enough proof? Or does it mean that these terrorist groups are so clever to put a proof-less operation? Or, I vote for this one, is the media, with the sponsorship of politicians and help of police officers, playing a dirty drama to wipe out Islam from the earth? In the said article, did u notice the author's words - ...she refuses to admit that wearing burka was a mistake... - as if that was a mistake!
I dont say that extremism shud be encouraged, but we should first try to find out the truth of anybody b4 labeling them as terrorists. As in this case, Mr Rachid's case was never proved, then who knows if he is a terrorist or not? And sisters, I dont think you or your husbands have to be terrorists for polices to come ponding on your door at dawn. Just a muslim name is enough.

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Read the article... wow. :/ Of course it could happen to anyone but one of the alarm bells I notice is when the man changes in his outlook/behaviour/attitude so drastically and suddenly. i.e. Going from disliking the burka to absolutely insisting on it.

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