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Accidental Break

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It was weird feeling not having Internet for a while. I'm used to checking in twice daily to see if someone posted something new or to blog or to do something online like research something ANYTHING!!! Not having that was a big wake up call about other things i could be doing lol.

By the way I finished writing my Short Story for the contest and edited and all that. It was crazy trying to keep it less than 2000 words. I added in descriptions of costumes and meanings of the beautiful names I had researched then when it came down to editing IT ALL GOT CUT OUT so i was a bit miffed at the process. But say if it was a 5000 limit I'd have a much more descriptive story. Now I just need someone to proofread it to catch any errors. ANY TAKERS?

2 intelligent thoughts:

Habayeb said...

i could do it insha'allah..just in case no1 has asked already.

Lisa said...

Yay your back! I am terrible at proofreading, look at me in comments sections over here. Inshallah, I think your story turned out great even if the research wasn't needed. And Brandy this is proof that we should never, ever Twitter. Who wants to limit themselves to 130 words anyway? Love you.

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