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Reading on the Potty

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We are supposed to spend as least amount of time as possible in the Bathroom which means no reading but my son is already showing the kind of man he is when I was just changing him tonight he had to bring his book with him. So as I did the wipey diapey routine he calmly ignored me and read his book about Opposites:Big/Little,Hot/Cold.... When i was finished he threw his book aside and ran off to play...
What a Man.

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Lisa said...

Husband spends hours doing nothing on the potty! Similarly, I rewarded Youssef early on for getting down to business faster. Mashallah, I think you're son loves to read just like his mommy Brandy. How cute! Maybe you can reward him by buying him new books for finishing his "business" in a timely manner :) Love you!

Mom said...

He is growing up to be just like his American Grandfather!

Faith in Writing said...

Lol that it so funny..... I can't go without taking a book either. I copied my father when I was little and now it's a habit. My mum and my brother never take anything to read!! lol

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I don't agree, or perhaps I'm just man-like. i enjoy reading in the restroom as well. Sometimes I don't even have to use the bathroom and will take a book or mag just for the heck of it. I get alot more accomplished than you may think--in a non gross way, of course.

The only thing is too make sure the reads aren't too enticing, makes you want to stay for too long. And jinn live in there :O

Anonymous said...

ah from my experience men tend to have a thing for books and toilets.

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