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The Unexpected Road Trip...

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So half way to Sharja, Hubby goes "By the way we aren't going to Abu Dhabi today, the work truck is messed up (or the driver is sick, can't remember in my shock) and can't pick up the item in AbuDhabi and it wont fit in our car..." AWW MAN!! I was looking forward to Harassing Aalia into seeing me today. Hehehe. So I'm disappointed yet resigned. I spend my trip appeasing my kid's needs until son falls asleep and daughter is coloring quietly.


Then I whip out my sewing box and starting repairing that button that popped off Hubby's pants and I never found time to fix it. I felt like my mother really. She's a sewer and always has something on her to work on. So as the car is veering this way and that and swerving to and fro I'm trying to get a grey thread into the eye of a tiny needle. It takes me 10 minutes of trying before I remember Mom also taught me to use a needle threader... i also scoffed it before as beginnerish but now I see the need. So I took it out spent a minute trying to remember how to use it then successfully got it through! Then worked diligently to sew it on. After I accomplished that and felt very proud of myself I looked at my hijab with two long holes up the middle seam. Hmm might as well repair that while I got the stuff out! I tried to flip the end over but the top hole was so far up that it would expose my neck to raise it higher. Hmmm.... so I scoot down in my 3rd back seat so Hubby's cousin can't see me if he chose to turn around and tried to start the first knot...i got it knotted in a triple knot then flipped it the right way and realized I had pulled too tight and it made a snagged look on the right side...grrrr... So I carefully pulled the knots out and tossed the sewing back into the box. This is why although Mom taught me to sew, I don't. No patience....


After that I pull out my notebook and do what I do best, write. Actually I brainstorm about my new short story for the IWA contest. I get good running plot going when we finally get near Dubai and Hubby needs me to be his personal GPS. So I put down my notebook and tell them which exit to take off the Dubai-AlAin Road onto the Emirates Ring Road which runs across the bottom of Dubai all the way to Sharja and in the opposite direction to Dubailand, and AbuDhabi.
Memorize this with me people: 3 steps so you know to exit: 1. Go up on hill 2. See Dubai skyline of buildings 3. See sign with Airplane symbol for next exit. EASY. So after I get them on track and we make jokes back and forth about directions I settle back into my writing. I half pay attention to the streets when we get to Sharja though because I'm the GPS remember and I gotta figure out how to get back out later. So after we drop him off Hubby turns to me and goes, "So are you going to call up your friend or what?" My mind goes...huh? Aalia? "What city?" I ask. "Dubai of course." He replies. Ohhhhh.... Well there is Habayeb!
So I call her up and she was expecting it! WHOA ESP girl!?!?! So I get a little lost on my way to her side of the city cause I don't know Sharja very well. Then finally: I have fulfilled my entire Blogger's Yearly Goals list. I met a Blogger. We had so much fun getting to know each other while we hung out at Dubai Mall.
WHICH WAS BOILING HOT! HELLO PEOPLE WHO OWN IT, WHEN YOU HAVE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN ONE LOCATION YOU do HAVE TO TURN UP THE AC!!!! I about got sick from the heat and crowded feeling of the food court ugh! Bad bad planning.
Ah but the fun of showing a new person how really weird and quirky you are in real life had to end sooner or later and eventually I had to take her home then we drove back to Al-Ain.

On the way home I finished writing the plot and started characterization. Hubby says the story doesn't sound very exciting but as PerplxinTexan says "I beg to differ!"
I mean this IS an Islamic story so it's not like you can use the normal gore/drama to make a splash. I'll save that stuff for other novels.
We got home and I spent the past hour getting the kids to fall back asleep then I was churning in my mind about my day so i HAD to come on here and work. On both blogger and my story. I wanna type up my Brainstorm into Word. So alhamdulillah for the unexpected trip.

8 intelligent thoughts:

Habayeb said...

lol, did u like my palace? :D

Aalia said...

Subhan Allah, Sis -- u better be making sure ya call me if u gonna come to AD!!!

**luv & hugz**

Faith in Writing said...

Tell the people at Abu Dhabi airport to turn up their AC too... hello, it's like a rabbit warren with a hairdryer blowing through it!! lol. Dubai airport have their AC right though.

And don't trust a man with a woman's writing, lol. I once gave my parents my best short story to read and my mum was singing praises to everyone about it and my dad was like "So what?". I don't think something that we find interesting is really their cup of tea... look at the movies they watch? Plot line = BORING. Guts all over the screen = fantastic.

Lisa said...

Oh I am so glad you met. And what a perfect sister to meet too! Does Habayeb look anything like her photo :)

And I for one am pretty amazed by all that you managed to get done sister. Really. Love you so much and happy writing.

Cecilia said...

masha´allah! how nice that you got to meet a blogger! If you ever come to sweden, look me up LoL haha
have a nice day!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Omg you actually met each other?! Jealous. I'm thinking perhaps I should road trip with Zahra down to Austin and meet up with Lisa. We have the same bday. How did your hubby react to the idea?

American Muslima Writer said...

HAB LOVED ur palace :D

Aalia, I cetainly WILL!!!

Faith LOL I'll be sure to pass on the word if I meet anyone important who can fix it! See HAb if you pass it around someday it will reach the right person.
Soo true men and women....

Yasemin, thanks! and yes she does! She's beautiful outside and more so within! Love ya too!

Cecilia, YES! I long to go to Sweden! I will def see u there if i go!

Plxin, YOU SHOULD!!! I've totally been wondering why the hecko you hvan't met her yet! Would do her and you good to meet!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I beg to differ!

I kid, perhaps this summer we shall. And take pictures to boot :P

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