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IWA Short Story...Pirates!

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Wow so I spent an afternoon writing a solid seven pages of short story (max 2000words). It was amazing to start and finish a whole story in an afternoon. it was super weird too. i naturally have a problem with endings but I had to force myself to end it swiftly. Not sure I would have ever tried this had their been no contest. There are so many things I had to chop out of the story to make the plot fit. Like descriptions. I'm a desc. girl I love to desc. my characters personalities and clothes and scenes in depth lol. This short stuff left me no room for that. In my rought draft I didn;'t even mention what my character looks like lol. I'm going to have to do some crafty editing to include more beauty to it. It's more like He did this the He said that and that kinda sucks right now.
But I'm gonna go through it again. I didn't have a name for the main character during those 7 pages. Where I needed his name I drew an underline _________. LOL. Weird for me. This was definitly a very good writing challenge for me. I had to think of a completly unnatural way for me to write.
Basic Plot Summery: Italian Pirate Ship attacks Libian Vessel takes remaining crew prisoner. One Pirate begins talking with the Muslim Libian and finds he prefers that man's way of looking at life.

Needs lots of re-work so I'm doing that today!

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Faith in Writing said...

That's such an inventive plot!! Well done.
And I have trouble naming characters too.. sometimes I change the main character's name heaps, lol. But you have to get it just right for what you want.

Ohh, will we get to read it when you're finished?

Habayeb said...

Great Hon, may Allah help you!

Susanne said...

LOL...getting your inspiration from the news these days re: pirates? Only the pirates now are Somali not Italian.

Glad it's going well for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy! That is so cool! It kind of made me think of ALL those stories you had going in High School. Are you still working on any of them? Did you ever finish any of them?? I'm still waiting all these years to find out what happened to Lilly! LOLOL


Lisa said...

What a great idea! And so timely as well with the Somali situation. You are really creative sister. I can't wait to hear the inspired names you chose for the characters. Lots of love,lisa

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

I can't wait to read it!!!

Faith in Writing: be sure to submit a story or poem yourself :)

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Totally off subject but, head to Google click on images and type

" hijab cartoon"

I randomly did it and found a delightful surprise.

Ms.Unique said...

Wow what a beautiful idea ... u gettin me tickin ... I'm supposed to be writing mine too but times too tight 4 me *sigh* ... Anyways good going and love the new layout .... :)

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