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The Morning Glow

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My kids took a long nap in the evening and woke up around 9pm refreshed and ready to rock, stayed up all night playing to the max. After Fajr, Hubby stayed awake and decided to take me and the kids for a ride to do an errand, since we were all awake. As we went outside the cool air hit my face full of morning mists. It felt incredibly refreshing and beautiful. I had forgotten what mornings felt like. With my kid's unpredictable sleeping schedules I rarely get to see a morning and I rarely get outside during the day hours. So this morning freshness took me absolutely by surprise. It gave me that amazing feeling that I was preparing to go on a journey of some length like to an airport for 6 days of traveling and flight catching kinda feel. Exhilarating!!! All around me I was absolutely shocked by the amount of people up and about. I do admit it made me feel worthless and lazy that I was not like them but then again they don't have MY kids... People dressed for business heading out everywhere. Truck drivers out on morning deliveries ready to re-stock stores. We reached our place of errand and did what we had to do but I was sitting there admiring the morning the whole time. It was amazing that early glow gives you such energy. Just before we left the kids were getting cranky and dragging and we thought they would fall asleep in the car hence why we wanted them to go for a ride. But that morning glow revved them up too! As we drove around and headed back home the kids and I were still terribly alert. I watched out the window almost non-stop seeing all the different people awake. We were mainly in the Industrial area of Sanaiyya, Al-Ain so mostly we saw Pakistani-Asian-Indian workers. Many were just squatting by the side of the road waiting for something.
How do they sit like that anyways? They look so comfortable! I'd just sit on the ground cross legged. We finally reached home and we made the kids sandwiches. Back in the darker interior of my house time caught up to me, the surreal beauty of the morning had faded to day and with it my sleepiness returned. Sadly though my children were still fired up and now had nourishment in their bellies. They didn't fall asleep until 9am and that was with some strong orders they they get in bed and STAY THERE! Finally FINALLY they slept! And OH HOW THEY SLEPT! Not even a toss nor a turn. I fell asleep around 10am just to make sure they didn't re-awaken. It was a beautiful morning though and It really made me pray that one day their schedules will normalize and I can get to take them out early in the mornings for some fun. I really felt like I wanted to run for miles straight into the sunrise. I recalled hearing how blessed this time of day was. How the angels were most active during this time of day. Makes sense because how many times do we succumb to Shaytan's Laziness to sleep in and waste a perfectly good morning. Yet when one does wake up early they get like a thousand more things done than normal. Subhan'Allah.
And to add for those curious when my Hubby got home and woke me at 2pm I couldn't bear to wake the kids after they only had 5 hours of sleep (though I only had 4) and let them linger on til 4pm. Then woke them and they were still groggy but I couldn't let them sleep a full 10-12 hours since that would end us back at square one of them waking at 9pm. Both were cranky all day which explains my previous depressed post and I got my son to go back to sleep from 6-9pm. We then went to bed last night at 1am after a movie and popcorn to soften them up to sleep. I woke up today about 9:30am. I think I'll wake them at 10:30am see if they are receptive...
I do wish though we could all wake at sunrise and go to the park to play for the mornings.
....If wishes were fishes.....

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Solace In Islam said...

I also love mornings. Everything seems new and the day is full of possibilities:-)

Lisa said...

I felt like I was there as you described the truck drivers Brandy. Are you sure you can't also submit this post to the contest, mashallah it is beautiful.

I hope the kids bounce back to their normal sleep schedule, and that you also get the chance to enjoy the morning sunrises with them. It is hard, but I think you did the right thing in waking them up.

I feel so sorry for the Pakistani/Indian/Asian workers. They sound kind of like the day laborers you here of here, only tht desert heat must be terrible. May Allah help them.

Love you Brandy.

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