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Meaning of Your Display Picture Icons?

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I have been staring at these pics for quite a long time on people's blogs for over a year now and some of them make me wonder...why did they choose that picture? I know most of us choose it for beauty or symbolism but some stump me truly... like this first one...

Faith in Writing, please tell me about this, why you chose this picture. I cannot even begin to understand hehehe.
Habayeb, I love this Picture but why do you feel this represents you and your blog?
Is there a category to choosing pictures? Lets look at a few I picked off of my Follower's List.
These are obviously religious but with nice style. Sacrifice4Allah, Najea, Minty... why did you all choose these for your pictures.
These two women are not Muslims yet feature such in the picture. Why did Suzie of Big Adventures (in Arabia) and Lisa A Journey Westward choose these pictures? What does it symbolise or convey about them?

Some make statements like MyHijab, and Hell Fire Furious Muslimah with their pictures. But why did you choose these pictures?

others like Muslimah2Muslimah and Ms.Unique feature their blog name right on their picture. Do you think this helps people to find them better? Why did you choose this way sisters?

Other brave women like Cecilia put their own picture to fully represent who they are. Sister why did you feel the need to put your own face instead of a symbol of who you are?
Why do others choose symbolism instead of their own faces?

What do these pictures mean to Ange and Always in the Kitchen? Is it a reflection of who they are inside?
Let me know why you chose your Display Picture Icon. Do you think it helps others to appreciate what you truly stand for or feel inside? Do certain DPI's catch your eye more than others? Did you make your Picture with that in mind to attract everyone to you?
I will go first and share with you mine.
This was my first one. I wanted to focus on my Alias name of AMW. Especially Writer. The Quill and ink I use to symbolize writing. But I write under the influence of Islam so I placed it IN the hijab. I am a Muslim and what i write about reflects that. American Is not portrayed thus I made a new one:
This one I like better. I clearly shows first that I am American with the symbolism of the flag. I am Muslim with the placement of the flag as hijab and niqab. But on the Actual Picture there is not a symbolism of writing but I feel that with seeing MY eyes it shows ME better than a representation of a writer. I AM a writer and by clicking on this picture under followers you will come across my blogs where I write. that is why I chose it.
The first one I did not think about how attracting it is but for the second one I did. I like how the whole thing is really eye catching, perhaps I'm playing favorites but I always notice it right away on other's blogs hehehe. I hope others do to and come to visit me.
So even if I didn't feature you directly in this post come tell me why you chose the picture you did... and LOL please don't say "cause it was pretty" Why was it pretty to YOU?
*UPDATE* AGAIN LET ME STRESS: I could not put everyone's display picture icon in this post but I DO want you ALL to post why you chose yours. We will see your picture next to your comment so everyone will see it there. So please don't think I don't want you to add to the discussion just because you didn't get your pic on here. I chose them completly randomly then compliled them into an order. No offense to anyone because I Do want to know about ALL of them. I see them everywhere so feel free to just add about your own.

36 intelligent thoughts:

Habayeb said...

lol, wellll i chose it coz im a hijabi alhamdulilah live in the UAE and love it like crazy hence the flag thats why i kept it :)It sure represents me dunno abt my blog.

American Muslima Writer said...

Masha'Allah I find it interesting that it's based on the colors behind the CHIC Muslimah.
Lol I feel your blog is more serious Islamically than this pic represents.
But it's a good balance! XOXOX HAB!

Lisa said...

I LOVE your new header sweet sis.' It fits so nicely with the red and blue screen picture of yourself. I also love the castle on the hill, it's almost like what Jannah could be.

Mine was chosen because I don't have a digital camera to take a picture of myself :) But even if I did, would I be scarved, and would that represent me accurately for mom and Heather? And similarly, if I was unscarved, I would be ashamed of people seeing me without hijab.

So I decided to put this picture of what I really want my blog to represent: a diverse and united Ummah. I could be the girl without hjab, but also the girl with it or niqaab. And since I represent all three a different times, it is fitting.

I can't speak for other sisters. Some of their choices are more obvious than others. Hell Fire is pretty clear cut, as is MyHijab. But, Faith in Writing, for the life of me I can't figure out! And I'm dying to know!

I think Ms. Unique and Muslimah 2 Muslimah are smart. They don't really need to worry about people heading to their dashboards searching needlessly.

Oh Brandy, I have to say I love your new one! I like ones with color. The old one though with the quill perfectly represented your intentions as well. I wanted to tell you that both command a lot of respect. The old one coupled with the title made me feel that you were a very serious Muslimah writer. I think a lot of people look at it and just respect you endlessly. And the new one with the serious eyes also commands the room too, and makes you a born leader. I like this one because it conveys that you are American even without the flag with your beautiful skin.

And it is VERY noticeable. I love that!

You know who I'm interested in finding out about? Hijabee in DC. I LOVED her old doll with hijab, thought it was an ingenious idea! Another favorite beside yours dearest Brandy is Aalya at Inquisitve Muslimah. I love her little avatar with the big eyes. And Aalia's too! I'm almost convinced that those pictures ARE them. And who doesn't love Malekat's from Islamic identity! It's so sweet.

Great, great topic Brandy. I can't wait to hear what other's say! Love you so much!

Lisa said...


Off the subject an sorry about that. But, I really like how your blogs are represented in the header. Ingenious.

Also, are you also tired of having 200 blog links? I noticed their gon :)

Love you!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I see your making changes, as am I. I keep making my cousin pose, she's growing annoyed.

I like your new icon. I've had mine forever I feel like it represents the diverse colors of my imagination. I actually have a better representation in my 'about me/PTexan' section BUT she's not wearing hijab.

Also, enough people know me (nationwide) and because I'm so distinct having my actual picture on display would seriously monitor the topics and free range I currently have. iA one day I will get to a point where I'm comfortable enough to do so until then however que sera sera.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

^ I agree with Lisa you might have too many blogs. It's honestly hard to keep up. Remember the best deeds are those done consistently. :)

P.S. My gift is my song, and you can tell everybody that this your song. I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is. :)

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Salam AmericanMuslimaWriter,

Yes I do make a statement with my icon. As we do not have a real picture of HellFire I could only use real fire. I like the way it looks like a huge fire though and that is why I picked it.
And it is pretty..ha just had to add that.
I want people to realize what they face when they go against Allah.
Depending on His Merciful Nature.
Thank you for including my picture I was surprised.

American Muslima Writer said...

Oh and Quick: Perplxin, hehehe Lisa didn't say I have too many blogs, she was talking about how I put my 200+ blog roll on the side of my old layout and I haven't put it back and I doubt i will cause it was crowded on here. BUT I'm sooo glad you voiced YOUR opinion about my too many blogs hehehe.
In fact Lisa said she LIKES my blogs lined up at the top lol.

Maybe I'll make a post about that next.....

Anonymous said...

salam sis... masha'Allah what a sweet action to include my little old picture...

i guess i made this choice, because i like how it looks sisterly a positive outlook for Muslim Women, possibly representing plural marriage. Also if you look into the eyes of the sisters, you see blue and brown eyes so maybe it reflects the west and the east together in islam some sort of unity..

plus i just like the picture...


p.s. got it right this time!! ;)

Adventurous Ammena said...

interesting... I know you arent concerned about mine but Ill tell ya what it represents. Its the feet of me and 2 of my bestest friends in Canada the last time I was in the area that united all 3 of us. It represents fun, my love of shoes, my love of these girls and the memories they have made for me. Alhamdulillah. I do generally change my pictures frequently but they are always something that I have take when Ive been out and about.

Anonymous said...

salam ammena, what a lovely way to remember your friends... they are very luck to have you as their best friend..

Sacrifice4Allah said...

I chose my icon 'Allahu Akbar' because it's a beautiful reminder. For the Non-Muslims who see it and do n't know what it says, hopefully they will try to find out what it says and then the meaning which is: 'Allah's the Greatest' (and no-one or anything else).
The colours of the icon are pretty as well!
Good post!

Megan said...

I wasn't asked, but I'll tell you anyways, lol. I chose plain white with "live simply that others may simply live" because it speaks to everyone, regardless of race, country, or religion. It gives people an idea of what's important to me. Or something like that :)

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Oops! didnt read the post 'til the end,sorry! I loved the in 3D appearance with the 2 tone blue effect. I loved the calligraphy and the arrangement of the words,in that they fit so beautifully inside the sphere. The clever use of lighting and shade. All in all, complex simplicity.

Faith Confusion said...

Lol, I put my display as a donkey because:
a)i love donkeys. Whenever we go overseas and I see them I get really excited, lol. I even made mu husband take a pic of me next to one in Palestine... but it was scary and had flies around its eyes, poor baby
b)my husband actually found this pic on the internet and when I was watching tv one night he turned the laptop towards me and said "Sarah, what are you doing on here?" -he'd put it as our desktop picture. So that was funny and I kept it saved on the desktop.
When I was looking for a pic for the display I just grabbed it. I wanted it to be something anonymous and I thought it was funny. Who puts themself as a donkey? Also because I was concerned about religion I thought it was tongue in cheek :p Here i am, a little donkey, unsure of my faith.

:) I was actually wondering why no one thought to question it before now, lol.

Faith Confusion said...

ps: i love your new pic. I loved the old but the new one is nice because we get to see part of you! And as lisa said it's easy to see. You really stand out with the red.

Cecilia said...

well, at first I didn´t have my face on, I didn´t want to show my self I wanted to be anon...
but then I got some comments of your dear bloggers that wanted to see who I was, so I decided to let you all know who I was! And the pic of me does! It´s like the INNER ME (since I don´t usally wear hijab in real life). I WILL BE LIKE A UNDER COVER MUSLIMAH! haha!
anyway that is the story behind my pic!

Faith Confusion said...

I've just signed up to follow your blog!! I was looking for updates and never getting any of yours.. then I looked at your followers and I wasn't even there!!

My donkey is so appropriate right now..

But i think I got mixed up with your blogs/ i wanted to follow the home schooling one but i couldn't find the place... I'm gonna have to investigate your blogS further :) :)

Adventurous Ammena said...

i hope i didnt start the reasoning for you editing your blog *blush* sorry I was trying to be sarcastic.. damn this fooling internet :P nice to read peoples reasoning though

star said...

i think i should explain mine...truth is it can't really be explained... its of eduardo from foster's home for imaginary friends and i like it... lol thats probably the best reason i can give, its really for no reason other then that it was my pic for msn and any other place i needed a pic so i just put it here as well... lazyyy... used to have a purple iris flower because it was my favourite flower, and i dont even remember changing it lol

American Muslima Writer said...

Aww thanks! Yeah I was seraching for a castle pic then just tried searching for a castle with clouds and this finally came up. The origional pic had a unicorn on the botom that leads tot the stair sbut I cut that out. Glad you liek it too I was also thinking this could be what Jannah looks liek too.

Thanks for the explnation about your Pic. i do think it works out best for you for now because you're so iffy about what you want to believe in so inside youare all these diffrenret people.

Yeah it's good to put your name on it too if you can, really solidifies the link in your mind!

Wow I never knew it looked so respectable lol the old one i mean! I'm glad the symbolism came off clearly. Makes me miss it hehe I'm prolly gonna put it back on here somewhere!

Yes sometimes I feel their pics ARE them lol. It's nice to see how people view each other and themselves.

American Muslima Writer said...

Yasemin again lol, lol i like the header links too but I wish i could add a pic to them. I like on your blog and Ange's that you have a pic with your link on the sidebar. I was gonan do that too but I don't want too crowded... we'll see how it goes...

Lol yes I took off the 200+ blogroll links. I love all my freiends on blogger world but MAN it's jsut too much and the links are already on my dashboard AND on my ALL MUSLIMAH blog roll. Well as I crack down on updating it insha'Allah there will be more of thsoe we all love so dearly.

(hehehe can't wait til you fully become Muslim again and retile your blog something like "A Journey to the center of the soul" and then I'll add you on to ALL MUSLIMAH)

American Muslima Writer said...

Hehehe Perplxin, Everyone has change the blog fever, must be part of spring cleaning. LOL do I wanna know why ur making ur cousin pose and what that has to do with ur blog!?!? LOL!

Thanks about my icon!

Now yours is one in a million that I LOVE! If you didn't have it already I'd totally TAKE IT!
It IS a perfect symbolism of imagination!!!

Ohhh we have a Celeb in our midsts? LOL. I know what you mean though. it's hard sometimes to keep things in check when you wanan blog by having ur face right there.
On the other hand it does make you more careful what you say lol.

*Lol see above about the too much blogs thing.. and I beleive we've discussed this in e-mail now... errm which i have to reply to now.. naughty me... but man i never get to my comments cause I'm so busy, they have to come first once in a while ya know! Hehehe.*

AAAAHHH MOULIN ROUGE!!! Are you a fan!?!?!
Did you cry? Be honest!!!
Aww why you make me weep online all the time!! First Depp now Moulin ROuge... WHY PLXIN WHY!!!

American Muslima Writer said...

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah,

Welcome! And yes an awesom rep of Fires. :D

Glad to see you around blogland.

American Muslima Writer said...

MINTY!!! Masha'Allah I did love that the sisters had different colored eyes. SubhanAllah it's very striking and suits your blog perfectly!!!

American Muslima Writer said...

Ammena that is a lovely tribute to your friends!!! Masha'Allah it's good to remeber our friends when we miss them and I'm glad you found a way to do it daily!

Lol by the way Yes I thought you were soo serious when u said i didn't want to knwo urs. Hehehe You need to add smiley faces or hehe's after words. Or if it's sarcasm add a tongue face (;p) or a wink ;) that way we lowly funny peeps can fig it out. :D

American Muslima Writer said...

Sacrifice 4Allah Masha'Allah definitly a worth pic if there ever was one! It is beautiful the multicolors in the sphere and of course the glorious words!
Insha'ALlah someone will be inspited to find the meaning and then search more about it!
Alhamdulillah you're thinking more of others than yourself!

American Muslima Writer said...

Megan, masha'Allah I love the motto of Live Simpily.
And yours turns out not only that but my perfect motto of "Simple yet Elegant" SUms up how I wanna be in this life.
Yours is very eye catching by the way cause peopel wanna click on it to read it closer :D

American Muslima Writer said...

FAITH FINALLY!! the great mysetery is solved!!!

But one further one remains... WHY do you love donkeies? What about them in particular is soo appealing?

LOL ur hubby is funny!

Well it does work for your religious thing too. And it certainly does stand out!!!
LOL! you're mora than welcome to finally be signed up LOL! Sometimes I forget to sign up too then i wanna find it again and have to backtrack through other's blogs and I get sidetracked and then forget what iw as looking for :p lol.
Lol all the blogs are at teh top now of the header! :D

American Muslima Writer said...

CECILIA! I love you put your picture as yours!! It's work fab with urs!!!

American Muslima Writer said...

star LMAO LOVE your explination hehehe. BUT why is this monster your fav? why'd u pick him to begin with? :D

kulthum said...

I chose my icon because of the tranquility in nature. As a child I can remember camping with my grandparents and going to sit alone in the woods (not too far from our campsite) and sitting there for hours listening to the birds and the water flowing near by. The wilderness was my safe place as a child, that's where I felt closest to God. I found that same inner peace once I reverted to Islam.

star said...

well i guess ed is my fav monster because hes so sweet, even though he looks kinda like he should be scary, he is really kind to everyone and wouldnt hurt a fly.(hes afraid of them...and almost everything else lol) ed is also really naieve- kinda like how people say i am sometimes... hes basically just really sweet and hes also PURPLE... which is my favourite colour lol

Faith in Writing said...

AMWrite: lmao!! I spent forever back-tracking through other blogs on here.... then I found my dashboard, and worked out how to put my fave blogs listed on my own. It was so annoying before that.

Yeah, my husband is funny. He makes jokes like that all the time though... so they get TIIIIIRRIIIIING!! lol.

Um, I like donkeys because:
-I love animals
-I'm not really into horses, so that's my next option to love
-I've always loved eeaw (spelling) from Winnie the Pooh
-I think their faces are sweet
-one pulled me up the mountain in Petra and I was so grateful
-I just love to look at them, like camels. I would have put a camel, but I felt that I am little like a baby donkey, and I thought the pic was funny on the hill, all alone.

And another funny thing about my hubby: he can do EXCELLENT animal noises. lol!! My baby has a book with baby animals in it and I was trying to make noises and my husband did a cow noise and I was like NO WAY!! It was exactly a cow. No "Moo" business, but this total sound from deep within. He does a great sheep, a great donkey, and he even does my mum... as a baby goat!! It CRACKS me UP!! (she does go on like a baby goat)

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

AMW- in case it was unclear I like your blog in fact I believe I've visited each at least twice within the month if not at least commented. I just think we could be more effective in doing such--but we've already discussed this.

Now onto NEW thoughts I miss you around MY blog. Make your presence known my dearest.

Ms.Unique said...

Oh Dang I read this soooooooo late ..... I'm really sorry Brandy a million apologies ....

Actually first I thought of writing my name like a signature on a plane frame but then I wanted a pic with a hijab which would help ppl know that I'm a Muslimah who wears the hijab Alhamdullilah, that's why I got that pic and as for my name it's just like a designation on my pic .....

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