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April 1st Update

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Masha'Allah I had a very relaxing day. I spent the morning blogging a bit, then took my kids to Al-Ain Mall for brunch and let them play in the Castle there for an hour til Hubby came. We had Lunch then on the way home Hubby and I had a little Car Race Muahahaha I WON!
Then we hung out at home for a bit til Hubby went back to work. Then I did more Blogging and Noshed (snacked) on some snacks and let the kids play just whatever their little hearts felt like. It was an open day for all. Then Hubby came home with my surprise: BABY DUCKS! TWO! One is Black and Yellow and the other is All Yellow. SOoo cute!!! We put them in the Hamster cage until Hubby can get a bigger cage, luckily they are still small. The kids were excited.
They are making baby chirps all the time though UGH I hope they don't do THAT ALL NIGHT! I better Google how to keep them quiet... Then I did the one and only cleaning today of vacumming the floors cause after the kids ate chips the crumbs were everywhere and SOMEBODY couldn't stand it. ;) Other than that I had a carefree day of no cooking or cleaning.

OK please don't groan or let your eyes pop out of your skulls ok but I have another Update: coming soon in an hour or so after I call my parents. Cause it wouldn't be my day if not for them know what i mean... :D So love to everyone. Hope you all had a great day too! Remeber April Showers bring May Flowers, and this week it's been pouring!

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Megan said...

Baby ducks (or chickens) need a heat lamp, they're used to being nice and warm under their mommy. They'll cuddle up under it and be quiet. But you probably don't have a heat lamp, so I don't know what else to suggest. They are so adorable!

Karen said...

Besides what Megan said, what are you going to do when they grow up to be big ducks?

American Muslima Writer said...

I used a heater and fanned it on them and off after I bathed them (let them swim around) to let them be warm and dry off. Duck are a bit nasty in how they make everythign dirty and wet ugh... we put them outside where they don't stink so bad but they get really messy. Hoenstly I don't really liek keeping them except to look at them cause they ARE cute but sooo much work. And I'm forgetful so sometimes I forget to go out and feed them and hubby and me trade off that responsability but still these ducks eat a lot. I don't knwo what we will do. We haven't named them yet so maybe Hubby will eventually decide to eat them LOL! I don't know.

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