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Baby Boy Dreams

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This dream I just had during a nap was weird and funny. Had to share...
I can't remember the very beginning...
There was a war happening very close front lines style. Guns going off people being slaughtered in ditches and I clung to my two kids and moved around them angry at the stupidity of this war. Making my children forced to climb over dead bodies. "Enough, we're going to Canada."
I said to the kids. So we take this underground tunnel that the African people were using in the war to flee and follow it too. I was heavy pregnant so it was struggle to carry both children as they fell asleep. The whole time I was walking I dreamed of the beautiful peaceful proper Islamic Islamic school I would finds when i get there to put my kids in. This bolstered me to keep moving.
When I got to Canada I headed straight for the hospital. I checked myself in for delivery arranged my sleeping children on the top half of the bed while I (apparently quietly) delivered my new baby. After having the baby who was in the nursery I was watching the people around me talking, none wearing hijab. Many of them were in casts and were fighting about things in this life. One family caught my attention they were always arguing loudly and all of them were in full body casts except their heads. I checked my e-mail in my impatience and found an E-mail from Safiyyah (Saf) saying she made it to Canada in time to give birth to her son and she was in the hospital now. She mentioned a room with people in a cast and fighting disturbing her baby. I had a hunch she was so close to me but she didn't know I was there so I e-mailed her telling her so. She wrote back that yes that was her room number and so I went over to visit her. In the midst of the crowded fighting room Saf lay there in serene peace in full hijab holding her baby boy. We hugged each other fiercely glad to escaped the war. Then i had to leave. I took my children tot eh Islamic school and when i got there, my brother-in-law's wife was there holding a new baby too, a beautiful baby boy with large lashy brown eyes. He was sooo sweet I cuddled him and then said goodbyes. I left my kids at the school and then took my newborn back tot he hospital under the guise of needed to check my birthing stitches but when the nurse turned her back I took my son back to Saf's room. I just had to see her in her serenity of Islamic Peace again. We set our new babies together and chatted easily.


I woke up.

I have the tendency to dream about what I'm thinking very long about during the day and was thinking a lot of Saf and the IWA story and everything like that so I understand why she was in the dream but what was with the babies everywhere? Is there a meaning of this that has a different interpretation? My mother in law once said a baby boy meant delivery of a new fortune is expected. Ok perhaps... but what was with Canada!?!?! And the war? It was such an interesting thing to dream about...

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Habayeb said...

well *I* had a REALLY freaky dream today morning , like after i went to bed after fajr and its still fresh in my mind! will tell ya sometime insha'allah!

Pixie said...

LOL, maybe you were thinking about my posts about my city, and you picture it as a safe place somewhere...

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

Remember the post I wrote on my blog about sleep being a "minor death"?

In Imam al-Jibaly's book, he wrote:

During the 'minor death', a soul gets to meet other souls of both living and dead people ... "

So, see Brandy? You got to meet me even though I didn't meet you in that dream. Something similar happened to the Prophet (saw)

For full details, see the post:

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