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IWA Poetry contest -a snippet of my poem...

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Yesterday I finally got a few minutes to myself in the early morning and was staring at my big book of poems and then started to read it to get the meter in my head again. (Do you writers do that too have to read a book to remember how to write? LOL) So after reading I got my little memo pad and fav pen and began writing...and scratching off a lot... and finally got myself a new poem. I'm not gonna post the entire thing right now but just a small stanza:

...So my fellow Poets,
Hold your pens still.
And be vary wary,
Of the ink they spill.

To Allah, Reverance, is due,
So dot your prose with dew.
Let it not be said,
At Him, you threw your shoe.

But the last two lines I had a small debate Islamically about the wording with my husband. I had written "Created perfectly by Him, The Criterion." My husband said that No it's not created and there was a big debate on this issue with scholars. I said well isn't everything created by Allah, he said YES BUT... the Qur'an is also called the Speech of Allah and a part of Allah is not Created as Allah is not Created. So therefore you cannot say that it was created technically. Very deep issues here people! So I changed it to: "Perfectly said by Him, The Criterion."

I will type it up today and insha'Allah work on the Short Story today too as I don't have much time left for writing it and editing it before Submission deadline!

Also in other news I'm trying to wean my son as of yesterday. His naptime went ok with a few tears but bedtime was crazy, he wouldn not sleep for hours and kept rolling around and crying no matter how much I rocked him. This little boy loves his milk. So I gave in and will wean him from day feedings and only if he really needs it at night. Please make du'a this will be easy for him and me.

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L_Oman said...

AMW-you are so talented, masha'allah! Just wanted to drop by and say thanx for your comments of concern on my blog. Very sweet of you! Although u had no idea, i saw you once in Al-Ain mall with your two kids! :-) wasn't sure how you would have reacted if I had approached you! So, you actually completed one of your goals for '09, but back in '08.

Weaning your son will be tough, probably more for you. It was super hard for me and k2 - i loved that bond and it was hard when it was broken. :.(

Faith in Writing said...

Oh, I want to wean my baby girl soon... how old is your boy? I think mine will be quite hard// she feeds A LOT!! And I enjoy it as well but now she's becoming more mobile I want her to be more independent in this way too. She already loves cow's milk but mine is best ;)
She's 15 months.

And I love the poem, especially the last few lines you wrote of. But the part about the shoe, I think it takes away from the mood created by the other lines. But I still love it!! Great start.

Faith in Writing said...

Instead of "Created perfectly by him, the Criterion", you could also try "Spoken perfectly by him, the Criterion".. I think "spoken perfectly" sounds better than "perfectly said".

Just a suggestion. -i can't help myself!

American Muslima Writer said...

LOMAN!!! NO WAY!!! ARGGG!! You shoulda talked to me I woulda been thrilled!!! Was I yelling at my kids or chasing them around or something bad ? LMAO! You know it's strange but once I saw a woman staring at me like she wanted to talk to me or recognized me but then she just walked off. I was like whats that about? Should I go back and talk to her? Lol I wonderd if she knew me from blogs. Maybe it was you! :D How far from me were you?
AND WHAT WERE YOU DOING WAY UP IN UAE? MRS IN OMAN? HEHEHE. Next time you're up here drop me an e-mail I'd be more than happy to meet up.
Yes already it's been sooo tough to wean!

Faith, my son is 20months and half. But he's sooo attatched. I weaned my daughter at 1 yr 7 months and it only took half a week. But so far Son is resisting majorly. MAJORLY!!!!

Well abou the shoe i think so too but i wanted it to be something really insulting towards what some people write about Allah. Plus it's a hat tip to the Bush Shoe Thrower!;)
Plus it shows more my anger for the lines u duidn't read yet Lol insha'Allah the whole poem will make more sence.
I like your line at the end and changed it thus so. I wasn't satisfied either with it but wasn't sure is Spoken By was a proper way to put it but asked hubby and he said yes cause wehen we quote Qur'an we say Allah said: etc... So trhanks for that.

Faith in Writing said...

I'm glad you likes my idea :) Didn't want to offend you by critiquing, but sometimes (ok, the one time) I gave writing to my friends to read they just said "Yeah it was great" and I wished they'd thought more about it, lol.

Oh, my baby's just coming up to 16 months and I know she'll be difficult... and today she's started real tantrums.. like really bad. She was throwing her head around when I put her shirt on adn tonight we had to let her stand weeing on a towel for half an hour because she was refusing her nappy... oh God can she read my thoughts, she's pullng at her nappy and screaming now!!

Good luck weaning.. I'm realy dreading it.

Oh, and yes, ode to the shoe thrower. I heard he got in trouble -they should have awarded him something :)

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