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I feel it in my Bones

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The above quote comes from the Movie "Peter Pan" (the Jerry Brockheimer (sp!) one). [Which is on tonight(wed. 8or9pm) on MBC3 so don't miss it! It's beautifully done!]

I was washing dishes, scrubbing the nearly dried chicken blood out of a cup, thinking about how I should have done the dishes earlier, you know after I drained the dumb, yet later tasty, chicken, and thought more about my procrastinations...

This line of thinking led me to my writing career...erm or the lack there-of... and the Writing Contest by IWA that I posted about before. Now the Poetry part No problem for me. I know it will take just one morning or evening of pure focus to grasp something worthy of entry. But the Short Story Part is calling to me. It really is. I've only written a short story twice and though my teachers liked it, it was hard for me not to go on and on and stray from the short path. But this is a challenge to write not only a SHORT story but it has to be Islamically based. I've been wracking my brain all month thinking of what kind of storyline I could shorten from my box of story ideas. The thought of trying to make something short has my creativity in a freeze. It's like the word SHORT was AKA for direct flight to the top of Alaska, no return tickets allowed.
But as I was rinsing and admiring my clean cup (and all the other 76 pieces of dishware resting in my sink) and placing it gently into it's allotted drying location I felt it suddenly seep through my bones...
no not the brackish water...
the urge to write.

To hold a thick brand new notebook full of lined blank pages and a brand new pen full of red or green ink and invent new characters doing new things and the endless struggle with plot.
I was suddsing a plate with a silly grin on my face.
Sure I could do this, why not?
After all I practically type 2000 words a day on blogland between posts and comments... and it IS ~SHORT~ therefore I don't have to put my entire career on the line in making decisions about it.

So I've now resolved I want to write a short story and submit it into the IWA contest.
OOOoohhh did ya'll get shivers or was that just me?

Hmm sooo... now that I'm committed....lets see first things first.... how long is 2000 words? Hmm by my meager estimates around 3-4 Word Doc pages?

Ok that's not too bad an undertaking...

Now topic.. topic.... hmmmmm
ok obviously about Islam...

what is a topic everyone loves about Islam? Something that touches people's hearts?
Convert stories. Uplifting Iman. Charity... Hmm ok gotta incorporate those....

Now setting... extreme settings...people's faith is always tested in extreme settings: Arctics, Jungles, Deserts, Sea... places where you have to be alone mostly and rely on Allah.

Hmmm the sea is calling to me.... perhaps that is because I'm in a piratey mood this month.

OOooooOOoooo inspiration just struck! Did you hear that loud sound? That was the sound of a gold brick entering my bank account...

Hmm now the question is should I share my progress and Ideas online or will someone pirate them and make their own short story and upstage mine in submissions?

I need to go buy a Pen....

7 intelligent thoughts:

Faith Confusion said...

Wow that's great!! Good luck, I hope your inspiration stays with you. I find short stories very hard too.... I have a lot to say!! I once had 6 months off work and wrote a book, only later to chop it up and turn my favourite bits into a short story. I LOVE the story it became, but it took me a long time and many other roads to weed it out.
I'll be thinking of you. I'm excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

Your Dad and I have always told you that we love your writings, so go for it! And when you win, add that to your resume so when you submit your first rough draft of your book, the editors see that you are serious about your writings.

Lisa said...

I'm so happy that you have found great things to write about Brandy. I just know you will win it all, and I can't wait to see you walk up and accept an award, if that's possible. You have it right about the extreme places. Since you are in a piratey mood, maybe you could even incorporate the Somali pirate thing today in there somewhere :)

Brandy, maybe you could create ANOTHER blog laughing * and a private one at that, so that very few could see the written words. Or just give a small snippet here, so you don't worry someone will get very far taking your material.

I love you and am praying it all goes well.

American Muslima Writer said...

Faith! Thanks for the pick me up! Glad to know there are ways to shorten it up. Kinda seems daunting to make every word meaningful to make up for lack of space. More like poetry... Oooh now there's a nice way to think about it.
A very very long poem lol.

I'm glad you got to better your story too!

American Muslima Writer said...

Hey Mom! and Dad! Thanks for the encouragement and I'm glad you're already thinking I'm winning hehehe. Encourages me for sure!

I got your e-mail too and thanks for the support it means a lot to me XOXOXO to you all in Tucson :D

American Muslima Writer said...

Yasemin, lol amazing both you and my hubby said I should do the somoli pirate thing instead. iw as tempted to jsut because of that but then I'd have to use modern ships and modern weapons and well I'd rather talk about the sails billowing in the sea wind... plus it's easier to sink a ship back then. Now a days you have to use explosives and that is messy... and you have more patrols etc... just not the same piraty thing ya know...
Thanks for the encouragement of thinking I'll win!! XOXOX
Lol welll I did say once I wanted to show people the inner thoughts of a writer so I might just type it all up on here in the process... BUT... I'm not sure if I'll post the story until I finish it and submit it.
I'm not sure if ther are rules about sumbitting something that has already been exposed to the world I'll have to ask SAF...

Anonymous said...

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