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Obey Thy Husband

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My husband calls me up and I'm sleeping... I'm expecting him to say "Please before I get home can you have this or that done in the house" when he surprises me!

"Is it possible for you to do some landscape designing today? I want you to make a new house design by Maghrib to submit to a possible client."

Woooo HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(by the way i was looking on google for a good pic for this post and typed in obedient and found this amazing plant that perfectly ties in with my landscape designing and duty to my husband: The Obedient Plant [Physostegia Virginiana] amazing, apparently it's bendable and stays how you bend it.... hmmm do you think Muslim men are gonna start growing these?)

I'm a good wifey and I'm gonna obey my beloved Hubby. Yessir! I will devote my entire time from now til Maghrib on fulfilling this difficult obligation.

Erm... does that mean I still have to feed the kids?

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Faith in Writing said...

Wow, that plant sounds amazing. How wonderfully appropriate.
And yay for your chance to design!! Throw the kids some beans to eat..... that makes me think of the child abuse post... i'm still thinking of that mother and her bean pod into her son's eye..... that's pure MADNESS!!!

Megan said...

I always wondered why the called it obedient plant, it grows like crazy! Our little plant took over a huge garden bed, and flopped all over the path. Not really very obedient :)

Lisa said...

I'm excited just looking at this Brandy! I say if there is some kibbe or kafta take-out fot the kids, go for it. And don't come back in the hous until the desert sun goes down. That looks much more relaxing then racking your brain thinking of something to blog about :) Love you lots.

BonjourMissChica said...

i found your blog through a comment section of another blog. do you mind that i subscribed?

im looking to know more blogs. im new... ok thanks take care.

p.s. your entry is funny :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Faith in Writing: AAAHAHA No kidding I was thinking that too when i wrote do i have to feed the kids lol I was like someone is gonna report me to child abuse lol.

I did feed my kids but i didn't cook, I just put a lot of leftovers out and was like come and get it when you want it.

Megan: WOw really man I was like I wonder if people actaully have this plant... Erm did you TRY to bend it? Thats a very dissobediant plant lol You need to take a whip to it. Make it stand up straight.
Well first time I've ever even heard of this plant so you probly know more about it than me lol.

American Muslima Writer said...

Yasemin, it was exciting doing this all day! Hubby was so sweet to take the kids out for lunch time so I got a full three hours to work with no interuptions!! But I kept looking over my shoulder at any noise thinking they were still there lol. It;'s weird having them not around but it was soo peacefully nice... WOulda loved to have some choclate and tea and put my feet up with a book but alas I had work to do lol. As soon as they got home though they sure tried their best to get in my way... But I was firm LOL I gave them whatever movie or toy or food they wanted as long as they let me work today.

In a way doing different designing was fun. Like when i do blogging it relaxes me cause I love writing but using my decor skills was an awesom new way to chill... plus i think i can use this card in the future when i wanna do some designing and can pass the kids off "while i work" hehehe.

American Muslima Writer said...

Bonjour Miss Chica:
Welcome! Salam! Bonjour! Lol yeah you're gonna get the bonjour thing alot!

Anyways glad you found me! Curious which blog you found me off of :D

You're more than welcome to subscribe Lol... does that button work? I didn't check it.. I guess it must or you wouldn't have told me you did, you'd be yelling I gotta fix it!

I hope you enjoy looking at the past entries too or if that gets too much there are my other blogs!

Muahahaha welcome to my world where I suck you into my never ending amount of blogs!!! HEHEHEHEHE.

Yeah I am such a silly person!

Yalla I'll check out your blog now too!

American Muslima Writer said...

Miss Chica shouldn't it be Mrs? since youre married? Lol!
Well i guess ur blog is still under contruction so I'll check it out when you upload it. You know I always wanted to learn french. When i tried to teach myself I got very lost with the female and male stuff it was very hard for me to understand why things have sexes. LOL. Now I've picked up on Arabic it's easier to understand. Since you said you lived in Morroco for a bit did you pick up any Arabic?

By the way share with us your reason for your display pic icon on the other post (scroll down on main blog) I love the look of yours it's very beautiful!

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